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Warmaster Games: Time Machine
« on: May 06, 2009, 06:08:21 PM »
Still learning to use my Tomb Kings -- routed by Orcs in a 1500 pt. game, routed by Empire in a 1k game..

Also note pictures from two epic games, featuring thecoach's Chaos army (in Napoleonic colors).  Nice Rhino>>Walker conversions....

Pics below.

No batrep on these games, sorry:  In general, I've played a poor game, and ended up committing units piecemeal.

Worthy of note: the terrifying TK Dragon is a very nice unit -- sparky and a chariot unit had a nice ride on glory road.  Of course I neglected to buy him for the second (1k game).

I haven't used U/D flyers particularly well. Nor, for that matter, the combination of flyers and a dragon.

And, finally, a lot of the maneuver portion of the game seems to focus on breaking up the opponents brigades with missile and spellfire.  Geroff!  And Dave is reputed to make very good use of Dwarf Gyrocopters for the same purpose.

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