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June 27, 2012, 08:51:13 AM by Lex in Gaming

To kick of my "gaming"  articles I decided to start a little treasure hunt. I just need to figure out how to set up some of the tooling, so stick with me on these first steps.

Over the next days/weeks/months I will show "slices" of my room, which (in addition to having me in there a lot of time) also has a LOT of other stuff in there, and a considerable part is games related. I will leave each sets of pictures up for app 2-3 weeks, allowing my faithful followers to scrutinize over the pictures and identify games related items. Post your finding on my profile and we will keep track of the scores. And yes, there will be a "prize" for the one that scores the highest overall, once we made a circuit of the room !!

Check the album for the bigger picture !

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June 22, 2012, 02:59:23 PM by Lex in Random Thoughts and Mussings

And no, I am nor referening to a new Gaming company (at least not as far asI am aware).

What I am talking about is the fact that over the years we all end up with piles and piles of (unpainted) lead and plastics, representing our favorite arch-typical armies/warbands/characters. Sadly most gaming are far less "preservable" and often find myself looking at the bookshelves to the left of this computer, which hold untold pages of rules (never) played (nor more). No in my case (see my 1st post) this is because of my compulsory buying of rulebooks, but I digress...

What I do find is that I find less and less need to buy "the flavour of the week" models, but tend to re-use those favorites of old... albeit in strange settings, both location and period wise.

So I am wondering.... is it just me that persist in this heretical use of Dwarfs as Jomsvikinger in Saga......

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June 22, 2012, 10:44:48 AM by Lex in Random Thoughts and Mussings

Some may know me as Gray Sage, or Ivan Soulseeker. Most here will know we as (mod_)lex.

I am one of the Old Geezers that have been hanging around the specialist games forums, even before they transfered from the realm of GW owned and hosted to the friendly gamer community they are now. And I have been a forum Admin for almost the entire lifetime of both the previous and this incarnation. My "primary" affliction of the Specialist Games has always been Warmaster. Having been involved (as playtester) from the start, I worked closely with Rick over the subsequent years of reviews, adding material and spin-off products like BoFA.

In addition to my Warmaster addiction I have been know to collect games, which I will seldom end up playing, just for the fun of reading them and taking apart the mechanisms of the rules. Which probably is a professional deformation (being an Information Engineer).

For those that fancy a game, there will always be room to set up a table around the house. For those that live a bit farther away, I am know to frequent several online communities, most commonly the EU Spinebreaker server (Horde Side). So drop a line, mail, PM, Wassap or whatever your vice is !


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