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Hi all,

small question concerning fall back direction. In the rulebook it states:

--- Quote ---When a unit falls back, the player selects any one stand from the unit and moves it back. In this case, 'back' is defined as behind the line drawn across the front of the stand as for visibility.
--- End quote ---

I can get this point when attacked in the front, but what if the unit is attacked in the flank or even the rear? I had a unit of troll slayers that was attached in the flank by a single stand of chaos marauder horsemen. Got lucky, and we had a draw. But then I had to fall back behind my from line, so in extremis could make sure I outflanked the marauders in the next turn. Sounded silly.

Should it read: fall back from the edge that was in contact with the enemy?

Thanks in advance for your opinion,


PS: small gathering with some friends after about 2 years of inactivity - was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures. Great day though...

  you should read it as it is written. When the combat ends up as a draw, you roll off to see who falls back first. If it is marauders, you should fall back with them so the slayers won't be able to hit them in flank or rear next turn.
 Just note that in orginal version of Warmaster you were allowed to fall back in any direction. So in case you won combat in opponet's turn, you had always the chance to fall back so you charged the defeated unit in flank (or rear - depended on how much you rolled) on initiative in your next turn.

Hi Aldhick,

I get the point that in the original rules it was possible to fall back 'forwards' and do really crazy things that were opposed to falling back. That's why I really like the principle that you are now forced to fall back, as in 'moving away from the enemy'.

But in carefully reading the text it appears that it is not moving away from the enemy but rather moving backwards, regardless of where the enemy is located. And if the enemy attacked a unit in the rear, why should that unit move closer to the enemy again?

Seems so. It's WMA wording and I belive they had a reason to make it this way. I personally can't remember any significant issue with this rule. You would have to position your unit facing its rear to the enemy to make it fall back in the direction to the enemy when charged from rear. Not very common situation.


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