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Hey folks,

To set the scene, I'm not buying White Dwarf or popping into GW shops on a regular basis, and am therefore usually not totally up to date on Space Hulk updates.

Does any resource exist anywhere online, or does anyone know of any and all official new rule sets/missions/updates that have been published since Third edition was published? If not, we should definitely make a comprehensive list right here, and so, to my knowledge, the following exist:

- White Dwarf: September 2014 (Issue 33) - New mission: 'Disable the Shields'
- Mission Files Expansion Campaign: Dark Angels - Bringer of Sorrow
- Mission Files Expansion Campaign: Space Wolves - Return to Kalidus
- Mission Files Expansion Campaign: Ultramarines - Duty and Honor
- White Dwarf: December 2017: Rule set for using Genestealer Cults in Space Hulk third edition

If anyone knows of any more just post below and I'll keep this list ^ updated ;D

Is anyone aware of any updates that have occurred since the previous post that aren't listed above? Please do share notice of them if so :)


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I donít have any updates as Iím only an occasional player.  Moved my v1 & v2 on so am interested in v3 updates if any come in.

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Thanks for the shout Joken, it does cross my mind now and again as to whether the lack of response is down to the fact that there haven't been any updates at all, or whether it's simply that nobody gives a damn.

Either way I'm happy for this thread to remain a little resource for folks to post news of any 3rd ed. rules updates that do occur, as, if and when they occur...


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