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Athel Loren: New Equipment
« on: November 02, 2009, 03:53:39 PM »

Staff - 5gc Common Item (Default item on Wood Elf & Bowmen lists)
Range: Close, Strength: Users, Special: Two Handed, Concussion, Parry
Two-Handed: The Staff is a two handed item, and may not be used with a buckler, shield, or additional hand weapon. A model armed with a shield may still receive a save in the Shooting Phase.
Concussion: The blows from a Staff provide a concussion effect, just like a hammer.
Parry: The staff may attempt to parry blows like a buckler.

Throwing Axes – Same as Throwing Knives when wielded by unskilled warrior.  May not be used with 'Knife Thrower' skill, but may be used with new shooting skill, 'Axe Thrower: the user may throw two throwing axes in the Shooting Phase, both of which are at User's Strength +1.'  May not be used with Quickshot or Knife Thrower.

TATTOOS - 15gc, Rare 5 - Wood Elves, Slayers, Beastmen, Savage Orcs, Horned Hunters & Forest Goblins Only
Ward Save: To each wound the user suffers, he receives a 6+ Ward save that is never modified or negated.
Not Armor: Tattoos are never increased with the use of armor, and may not be used with armor (excluding bucklers and helmets.) If the player decides to put armor on a Tattooed model at the start of the game, the tattoos will have no effect this game. If the opponent is attacking with a blow that grants an armor save, (i.e. daggers), the Tattooed model receives a Tattoo save OR the armor save (the defending player's choice.) Likewise, tattoos may be worn/used by models that are not allowed armor (such as Slayers or Wardancers.)
Permanent: Once worn, the tattoos are permanent, and may not be sold, traded, stolen, or lost.

Warpaint - Rare 5, 15+2d6gc
Warpaint is a one-time use item that may be worn at the beginning of any battle. The hero causes fear, and is immune to fear. It may not be worn by models that are wearing any body armor (helmets, bucklers, and tattoos excluded.)

Magic Tattoos - The Spell tattoos Will grant a Lesser Magic spell, but for a +2 higher rarity roll, can be warband specific (ex. their own warband spell list OR based on alignment:  good warbands can learn sigmar/lady prayers, taal, wood elf; evil warbands can learn Necromancy, Chaos Rituals, Dark Elf, or Blessings of Nurgle).

Warding Tattoos - Rare 10, 100gc
The Dispel tattoos. What should they do, exactly?  I'm thinking  it grants a 4+ 'ignores the effects of an enemy spell that affects the tattooed individual' .On a natural roll of 6, the spell is COMPLETELY dispelled (otherwise, affects other models as normal. Cannot dispel spells that do not affect the warded model in any way.)  Has no effect on Prayers. 

Bone Armor – 25gc  Common - Savage Orcs ONly
Bone Armor is crudely made armor, using the bones of trolls, ogres, and various other mammoth creatures. It is more cumbersome than iron, but definitely provides ample protection.
An Orc wearing Bone Armor receives a 5+ armor save (as if wearing heavy armor), but receives a -1 Movement penalty.  If may be used with a shield, but receives an additional -1 movement, for a total of -2 Movement.  If mounted, the movement penalty is passed on to the mount.  Bone Armor may not be used with Tattoos, but it may be used with Warpaint (this is an exception to the normal warpaint rules.)

Shrunken Head! - Cost - 10gc, Rare 6
Savage Orcs & Forest Goblins only (Beastmen too?)

Grants the Shaman +1 to All Spell Difficulty rolls (except for a natural roll of 2). In the even that your shaman rolls a natural 2, roll on the chart below:
2D6 Result
2 Aaarrgh! The powers of Chaos take over the helpless wizard as he horribly mutates to a Spawn of Chaos. Remove the wizard from your roster.
3 Gglbddlh: The wizard is now stupid. Roll a D6 after the battle: on a score of 2+ the effect ends.
4 Magical Shutdown: The wizard cannot cast any spells for the duration of this battle.
5-6 Uh-oh! The spell has been cast successfully- upon the wizard himself! Any additional decisions (e.g. with Flight of Zimmeran from the Lesser Magic) are made by the wizards left player.
7 Pooh, nothing at all! Except for the spells failure there are no further consequences.
8-9 Magical Explosion: The wizard is thrown D6" in a random direction and then lands knocked down.
10-11 Magical jam: The wizard cannot cast a spell in his next shooting phase. Missile weapons may be used as normal, of course.
12 Wait, what's that? The uncontrollable powers of Chaos cause the wizard to mutate. After a moment of horror the transmutation ends. You may choose a free Mutation for the wizard chosen from the Possessed's Mutations chart (Mordheim Rulebook page 76).

20gc, rare 5, Wood Elves Only
Range: Close, Strength: Users, Special: Two Handed, Strike First, Backswing
Two-Handed: The Spear is a two handed item, and may not be used with a buckler, shield, or additional hand weapon. A model armed with a shield may still receive a save in the Shooting Phase.
Strike First: In the first round of combat, the user may make attacks equal to his Attack characteristic that strike first, before the normal initiative order. If the spear-wielding model is charged, then the order of attack is based on Initiative.
Backswing: The Double-Headed Spear grants an additional attack, that does NOT gain the 'Strike First' ability, but attacks during the normal attack order. It has no bonus or penalty, and counts as a 'bladed' weapon when dealing with Critical Hit Charts.

Broadsword - 15gc, Common
Range: Combat, Strength: User +1S
Special Rules: Difficult to Use, Strike Last
Difficult to use: A model with a broad sword may not use a second weapon or buckler in his other hand because it requires all his skill to wield it. He may carry a shield or a kite shield as normal though.
Strike last: Broadswords weapons are so heavy that the model using them always strikes last, even when charging.  Just like a Double-Handed weapon, learning the skill 'Strongman' negates 'Strike Last'.
Note: Even though 'sword' is in the name, a broadsword CANNOT parry. It does count as a sword for the ‘Expert Swordsman’ skill.

Short Sword- 5gc, Common
Range: Close Combat; Strength: As user; Special Rule: Parry, +1 Enemy armor save
Parry: Short Swords offer an excellent balance of defense and offence. A model armed with a sword may parry blows. When his opponent rolls to hit, the model armed with a sword may roll a D6. If the score is greater than the highest to hit score of his opponent, the model has parried the blow, and that attack is discarded. A model may not parry attacks made with double or more its own Strength – they are simply too powerful to be stopped.
+1 Enemy armor save: Short Swords are not the best weapons to use for penetrating an enemy model’s armor. An enemy wounded by a short sword gains a +1 bonus to his armor save, and a 6+ armor save if he has none normally.
NOTE: A Short Sword counts as a sword for the ‘Expert Swordsman’ Skill.

Kite Shield- 10gc, Common (Bretonnians only)
Save: A model with a kite shield has a basic save of 5+ on a D6 while on foot, and 6+ while mounted (or, if the model is already wearing armor, as +2 on foot, and +1 save while mounted). This cannot bring a save over 1+.

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Re: Athel Loren: New Equipment
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2009, 09:37:15 PM »
I think we should increase the cost of the shrunken head a little, perhaps 20gc would be better? +1 to cast is the equavilent of a skill. I think we should not allow skaven to take it unless we change the name for them.

Warding tattoos: 4+ to negate 6 to dispel sounds great to me.

I like the swords but we've discussed them before, and also the spearstaff. However I came to wonder whether we should let it parry? Or would that make it too good?
The basic Tattos could perhaps be worth a little more? Like 15+2d6?

I'm not sure whether I think the kite shield should just be better than a shield, but I can't think of any reasonable change to make it something different, and shields aren't much worth anyway so this will be a fresh change.

Just a thought though, would we really like knights to be running around with short swords? I mean, it's really not knightly, however I don't think anyone will do so when swords are purely better, it was just something I worried a little about.
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Re: Athel Loren: New Equipment
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2009, 04:25:55 AM »
Skull:  20gc is fine with me.  I don't know about Skaven, but Beastmen make sense to me... unless we want to make it a wholly Greenskin thing.

Spearstaves:  Personally, I like the 'pure offense' Double-headed spear as the powerful WE weapon, while the Staff is the cheap defensive weapon (it's basically a racial item that is 'buy a buckler, get a hammer free.')  So, I'm going to put in my 2 cents for no parry- the spear's defensive power is the ability to stab your attacker before they attack you.

Kite shield - it's knights only, and a lot of groups house rule shields as +2 armor anyway... no real harm, I think. (He says without playtesting.)

Short swords: those are for the commoners, like squires, bowmen, men at arms, and battle pilgrims.

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Re: Athel Loren: New Equipment
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2009, 12:41:26 PM »
Erm, for some odd reason skaven was all I could think off yesterday, and therefore I thought you wrote skaven and not beastmen.

Sure we could let beastmen have access to this item, it goes very well with their fluff. The items is nice and fluffy, so we should definately keep it.

Ok, Kite shield stays as is. I was probably worrying needlessly, as 2+ armour save on foot will be almost impossible to attain anyway (we are talking a gromril armour here).

Spear-staves: True, it is good enough as it is.

Short swords: So we don't put it on the knights equipment list?
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Re: Athel Loren: New Equipment
« Reply #4 on: November 04, 2009, 11:53:41 AM »
And even if it is attained, it will cost an arm and a leg, and is ignored on the first crit.

Short Sword- nope, I think it's only the a peasant's list, not the knights. If it is, I'll take it off, as it is an ignoble weapon.