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Hi all,

A little late but, well, here we are again:

GothiComp 2017

Following are the rules for GothiComp 2017, feedback appreciated:

Rules GothiComp 2017.

This is the thirteenth annual GothiComp, and will be run in a similar way to last years events.

The Goal
The general aim of this competition is simply to encourage players to get painting and show off what they can do. I encourage people to enter no matter how good or bad their painting and converting skills are.

And although the name is still GothiComp this painting competition is for all miniatures from all space ship ranges you can find. :)

The Deadline
This competition will open right now: june 18, 2017 .The deadline for submissions is the 30 September 2017.

The Categories

Regarding all categories & entries: SpaceShip miniatures from all kind of companies are accepted.

General note: we encourage new ships not been shown in a previous edition of GothiComp. Of course vessels that have been completely repainted are allowed again.

The Capital Ship Category
A bit different then previous years: this category is for entries that are larger then 5cm in any direction. For example an Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Lunar Cruiser belongs in this category just as a Firestorm Armada Aquan Destroyer.

The community will vote on the entries as usual.

The Small ship category
Also a bit different then last year: in this category entries will need to be ships smaller then 5cm in every direction. As an example a Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Sword Class Frigate or an Intruder model from Ninjamagic. Entries may consist from 1 to 6 models.

The community will vote on the entries as usual.

In addition, there will be a 'conversion prize' chosen from either category. This will be a token prize for one entry based on the skill and style of any conversion work which has gone into the vessel, in an effort to encourage creativity in modelling as well as painting. This will be judged by a select panel. All entries are automatically submitted into both competitions simultaneously. The judges for the conversion prize are Cybershadow, Mangozac and myself.

The fleet category
And also here a change: a fleet is a group of spaceship vessels. The entry must consist of at least 7 models of any size. But for the purpose of a gallery it is of course nice to see entries following somewhat of a guideline from their respective game or resembling historical or current day fleets in terms of numbers and ship selection.

The community will vote on the entries as usual.

The Prizes
Well, last year winners only have gotten eternal fame and a place in the Hall of Fame. So as a starter that'll be the prize this year as well.
If someone likes to offer a prize that would be really grand though!

The Pictures
You should submit a single picture per entry, no more. Each photograph should be no more than 3 megabytes large. The pixel width should not exceed 1024 x 768.

The Submission
To submit a picture of your vessel to this competition, you simply mail it at:

Make sure the header of the email contains the following: ship name / class name

Note that you do not have to be a member of the
boards to enter this competition but in order to vote you will have to sign up.

We will compile a gallery of the entrants which will be available online. This gallery will remain as a permanent fixture to the site, and so you will be able to browse the pictures in the future. Please note, I am sure that there will be a rush in the last 24 hours before the end of this competition, therefore please don't wait until the last few hours if you can avoid it.

Additional: you may participate with as many different submissions as you like.

The Voting
Voting will take place here on these boards. Entries will be split into heats. The winner of each heat will go through to the next round until a winner is determined. Please note that entries will be placed into heats in the order in which they are submitted here. Note: having multiple entries from one participant will be spread.

The voting period lasts 7 days.

The voting results will be shown after the poll ends.

Possible tiebreakers depend upon number of entries.

Note that the ship and/or class name will be shown, anonymous upon request otherwise name will be shown.

Additional Rules
All decisions are final, any prizes are non-negotiable and the competition organizers reserve the right to remove competition entries or request that they are resubmitted or altered. We will hopefully never need this stuff, but just in case...

That is it. Feel free to email me with any questions that you may have. Now, what are you doing still reading this? Get painting!

Have fun!


You are all allowed to spread the news.  ;D

Putting the final touches on my entry, looking forward to seeing everyone else's! :D

Oh bugger... bugger...

21 entries....
containing 17 from ojcslatchford.

We died. :(

I will open poll though. Or just a gallery. I dunno. This is to few participants in my opinion. Sorry for those who entered I really appreciate what you did. And fine things you made.

But maybe.... the last week will surprise me?

That's kinda sad... And a little embarrassing on my part. Wtf happened to bfg eh? I guess it's all had its day. So many are moving on...  Just a damn shame...

Oh well. I enjoyed it while it lasted...

... Be egg on everyone's faces when gw finally gets round to redoing bfg...


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