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Tale of Warmaster Painters: April 2017

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Didn't get what I wanted done last month but gonna catch up a bit now!

Gonna keep these topics going.

Stormwind: Going to polish off 3 units of DE Dark Riders.  Might fly off and do Vampire Counts or stick with DE.
cjbennett22: Chaos!
industrialtrousers: Wood Elf Tree Creatures

I am currently painting 2 chaos warriors and 2 chaos knights so I can pop those in the competition.  I started them the last week of march but the start was just getting them off of their bases and getting the paint cleaned off and then getting them undercoated.  I will post a few pictures of how it is going tonight.

Here are a couple pics, all glued down a bit to be painted and before any undercoating and another of the first brass detail painted.  I undercoated black, based them all in leadbelcher then nuln oil shade and another dry brush of leadbelcher to bring it back up.

second pic is just a bit closer to show the brass detail getting under way, that was on the first of april so the hard stuff wasn't started until this month at least  :)

Brass is confusing to me.  Esp. as GW changed all their metallics!

I have the new Hashut Copper which I think replaces the Dwarf Bronze I used on most of my Chaos - but they have a new duller colour called Balthasar Gold and ALSO Warplock Bronze and Screaming Bell etc. etc.

GW metalics are confusing.  I have only just now started changing over to their paints and it took me a few minutes to pick out what I wanted for their brass/copper/other metal details.  GW metallic paint did not run as much as the "copper" paint I had though so I like it.  I needed theirs to finish as my TESTORS paint basically ran out.  I cant even think of the name of the GW paint I bought.  :/

My GW retailer just revamped their paint lineup as well and has doubled their selection so that is also why I am just now changing over to them.  I think the new Games Workshop is doing well!

I have more details painted and should have all of my models back on their bases sometime this weekend.


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