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Author Topic: EpicUK GT 2016 report and pics  (Read 1656 times)

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EpicUK GT 2016 report and pics
« on: November 25, 2016, 04:31:04 PM »
the 19/20th of November saw the annual EpicUK Grand Tournament held this year at the rather excellent Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry:

As usual I had a great time, 5 cracking games against 5 fun and sporting opponents!

v.quick game reports from me

Game 1 - AndyH (Iron Warriors)

At the time, this game represented 50 percent of the total games I'd played using black legion, and my inexperience showed, I won the strategy roll for spaceships and not realising I could spitefully pick turn 3 and bump Andy's battleship to turn 4 (and hopefully out of the game...) I picked turn 1, my podding chosen and their summoned daemons promptly bounced off an armoured company (the shame!) and then Andy critted a decimator, his CAP-ing hellblades destroyed my hell talons and he had me way behind the activation curve throughout, my terminators did assassinate his supreme commander scoring BTS in the process, but I was never really in the game, then a bunch of frenzied dreadnoughts podded in on my blitz and decimator #2 was hit by 3 pinpoints, I like to envision it doing that old scifi B-movie thing where it glowed green, then slowly disappeared... andy took it 2-1 turn 3

Game 2 - Blip (Black Legion)

This was almost a mirror match, yet again my chosen bounced off an armoured company (grrrr), and a few crucial engagements went Chris's way, turn 3 rolled around and I thought I could madly dash and grab blitz and t&h but forgot there were 3 preds contesting, Chris then dropped his retinue in 2 turns later than planned and found I had abandoned my objectives so he simply walked onto them to get an easy 2-0 win!

Game 3 - Consul Avenging Angel (1k sons)

After a pep talk from Steve (well more him flinging insults at me) I decided to play this game more like the black legion that has kicked my arse so many times, I kept close together and advanced my units as a wall of death, some lucky barrage sniping meant Tom lost all his sorcerers and couldn't summon daemons, while his units were hard to kill, I was able to keep him well broken and on the back foot and secure a 2-0 win on turn 3

Game 4 -  Duncan (Dark Angels)

This is one of the strangest games I've ever played, Duncan took 8 formations of terminators, so I castled up on the blitz, he then teleported his terminators onto the objectives in his half and waited for me to come to him, him winning the rolloff on turn 2 meant both my mounted retinues were wiped out for little loss, my terminators whiffed their engagement thanks to overwatch shots, with the lone obliterator running to camp on Duncan's blitz, neither of us could push for the win although my havoks finally found their armour piercing ammo when they sniped the two stands of terminators in range of duncan's blitz which gave me 1-0 after 4 turns, I was unable to kill the single terminator stand in range of my objectives and denying me DTF so we went to points which turned out to be a difference of less than 100 for a 16-16 draw, a VERY fast and fun game!

Game 5 - Nat (Steel Legion)

This game really went my way, Horatio was knackered and left his deathstrikes exposed so I killed one and broke them before he could fire at my decimators, my barrage hit one of his infantry companies and did a lot of damage, and the pinpoint did a point of damage on a warhound, I won the strategy roll turn 2 and my terminators engaged and broke his tank company, while his rough riders and a supporting mech infantry company made short work of one of my mechanised retinues, this exposed him to sustain-firing decimators which both took huge bites out of his infantry companies, I'd largely stripped him of activations and was able to push forward to his blitz and a t&h objective, I then marched over to prevent his russes rallying for a 3-0 win turn 3 (Blitz, T&H, TSNP)

After that I finished a respectable 7th position and was surprised and humbled to recieve the player's choice best painted army award, thanks to all who voted for my red corsairs, there were lots of superb armies on display this year and I honestly didn't expect to win! :)

I got shots of most of the armies, Apologies to AndyH and Blip... for some reason the shots of your armies came out blurred :(


MikeT's knights:

Tiny-Tim's Nids:

SteveKCole's Squats:

RichardL's Black Legion:

Reedar's Speed Freeks:

IJW Wartrader's Death Guard:

MephistonAG's Tyranids:

Duncan's Dark Angels:

Steve54's Ulthwe:

Consul Avenging Angel's Thousand Sons:

Kyussinchains' Red Corsairs:
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Re: EpicUK GT 2016 report and pics
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2016, 08:30:51 PM »
Thanks for the mini reports and the photos.  I really enjoyed reading the summaries of the games and the armies all look excellent.  Well played on securing a top ten finish :).
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Re: EpicUK GT 2016 report and pics
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2016, 11:03:42 PM »
Oh wow! Thanks for posting this.
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Re: EpicUK GT 2016 report and pics
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2016, 10:11:22 PM »
Good stuff! Hope I'll have the opportunity to join in some day.