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It seems to have been pretty dead in here so I figured I would post up some of the mini's I have been working on this.  The setting and scale really appeals to me, so over the past 6ish months I have been working just painting and assembling models and finding "counts as" models to use for things beyond the Games Workshop offerings:

I recently finished these guys. They are 15mm Picts from Cooplestone that I thought were perfect substitutes for half trolls if you wanted to copy the Games Workshop style for them (which I did). they are smaller than the troll miniatures by a decent amount, though they do look a little too big next to the BoFA plastic miniatures which are on the small side anyway. They look better and more in scale with the metal 10mm mini's I have found.

In the background is the 28mm GW half troll, and a GW hill troll and uru-kai for scale.
I also just finished up 220 easterlings from Tajima. They are a little large and the castings aren't the best but I like them overall and certainly the most film like easterlings I have found:


This next image isn't the best but I also picked up some 10mm elephants with howdah and elves on stags from Eureka minis.The elephants I just painted as they came for mumakil but the elves I picked up solely to convert one of them into Thranduil on an elk. They are all in the pic here:


Eureka also makes some 18mm armored trolls I picked up that are the perfect size match for the trolls in this game and I plan to use them as Olog-hai. Their tree trolls also make great ents.


I've also painted up some far harad forces, which I am using zulus from Pendraken. For the mounted cavalry of them I am using Sudan/Egypt 1882-85: Mahdist camelry, sword/spear. To make the Mahud king mounted I just took the zulu king figure and swapped torsos with one of the Mahdist Camelry:



For additional easterling and some gap filling in Gondor I am using a bunch of Old Glory figures, here is the list I ordered and am waiting on:

SAR-106 Arab Infantry Archers SAR-110 Arab Infantry Command
SAR-105 Arab Infantry Spearmen SAR-109 Arab Light Cavalry
SAR-102 Ghulam Cavalry , Armored Horse SAR-103 Ghulam Cavalry , UnArmored Horse
SAR-100 Saracen Mounted Command
SAR-101 Seljuk / Turcoman Horse Archers
SAR-104 Arab Armored Cavalry

In addition to the other Cooplestone recomendations from others I picked up the 15mm shapechangers and bears to use as Beornings in humanoid and bear form. The bears are a little larger than the Beorn figure that comes in BoFA box but they look great and still work:


I've also painted up a bunch of dragons by Darksword Miniatures to use as various dragons of middle earth (Smaug from GW is in here as well):

Very inspiring stuff!

Beautiful work, well done!

You deserve a medal for the burning ent!

Thanks!  If anyone else has minis they think would be great proxies for things please post them here.  I can't get enough of these things to paint.  I want to use the figures from the 10mm evil men indiegogo campaign for some black numenorians, though that assumes I get my hands on some of them post-campaign since I missed out on it when it ran initially.

 I also would love something that would work for huorns, though I think I might have to end up sculpting those.  Elven chariots would also be great, as well as a good Shelob (I saw the one post about using a reaper mini for Shelob but want to see what else is out there that might be in scale).  Anything else for other monsters of middle earth would great since most of the humanoids have a bunch of options that could work it seems.

We have a Middle Earth 10mm proxy thread or twelve that I started! I was looking to make a Gondor army but I have such a lead mountain already I couldn't justify it!


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