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NetEpic - History & FAQ
« on: December 13, 2014, 04:05:13 PM »
Welcome to the NetEpic and Space Marine section of the Specalist Arms Forum.  One of the biggest sources of confusion regarding Epic is the myriad of rules which exist for the game.  This topic serves to explain the history, and answer some commonly asked questions about one of these branches of rules, NetEpic, so if you're interested to know more about this game, please keep reading.

A Bit of History:

NetEpic is a fan based set of rules updating GW's popular specialist game Space Marine.  Space Marine comprised three versions (SM1, SM2, and Titan Legions), and was, for much of the SM2 and Titan Legions period, GW's third core game, but this changed when it was replaced by Epic40K.

Epic40K took Epic in a direction which many of its players did not wish to follow.  Some of these players got together to work on an updated set of rules for Titan Legions.  These rules went through various iterations, before finally reaching the finalised version called Net Epic Gold.

Net Epic Gold is the current set of rules, and apart from minor tweaks for small issues of balance or rules/stat errors, it is frozen.  Development does, however, continue on an updated version of the rules called NetEpic Platinum.


Where Can The Rules Be Found?

NetEpic Gold's rules and army lists can be downloaded via the following link:

How Different Are The Rules Compared to Space Marine/Titan Legions?

They are very similar in lots of ways, but also include significant differences.  Changes were made to iron out and improve some of the balance issues, or problems with the rules from the Titan Legions days.  The rules are easier to pick up if you have played Space Marine or Titan Legions, but they are not difficult to learn if you haven't.

Are Lots of Models Needed to Play?

In general, most armies require more models to field than would be the case for Epic Armageddon, but this does not mean that you have to make masses of purchases.  The game can be played at smaller points values, for example, to help lower the number of models/formations needed.

Where Can Models Be Purchased?

GW has long since stopped making the models used for NetEpic, but you can still find many of them on e-bay.  There are also numerous companies who make suitable proxy figures.  Just take a look around the boards or open a topic to ask for suggestions if you need advice.  You are at an advantage, however, if you did play Space Marine or Titan Legions and still have your models from that period.

Can Rectangular and Square Bases Be Used?

Yes.  They can be mixed freely.

Do People Really Play NetEpic?

Yes :).  They might be a bit more spread out than the Epic Armageddon community, but there are a number of NetEpic players.  If you're looking for an opponent, just try asking here, or on the Tactical Command site.  Also, you can try getting friends into NetEpic.  This is particularly worth trying if you and your gaming friends or group already play Epic Armageddon, as you'll already have suitable models, and you can just try them out with a different set of rules.
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