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Author Topic: Adeptus Titanicus II: Titan weapon load-outs  (Read 1199 times)

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Adeptus Titanicus II: Titan weapon load-outs
« on: March 22, 2014, 11:12:38 PM »
Hi all,

I recently acquired two old Warlord titans which I am planning on using with the AT II pdf rules, fighting against each other. Can I get people's thoughts on what would make for a fun and varied weapons load-out for them, without getting too beardy and WAAC?

This is what I've been thinking, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Titan 1
Right arm: Gatling blaster
Left arm: Chainfist
Carapace 1: Vortex missile
Carapace 2: Plasma destructor

Titan 2
Right arm: Volcano cannon
Left arm: Wrecker ball
Carapace 1: Vortex missile
Carapace 2: Rocket launcher

Since I have a very extensive bitz box I am confident I can rustle up appropriate weapons, or close proxies. The ork trukk wrecker ball might look good on one of them!

I am planning on branching out into other titans (if I find them at a reasonable price), or Baneblade and Shadowsword formations, using Exodus War Guild super heavy tanks as proxies.

Are turbo lasers better than the vortex missiles? The missiles came with the models but I am open to change!

Many thanks!