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We have issue 25 of Warp Rift for you. This issue sees another selection of high quality articles. Kicking off, we have an article on the fleets of the Orks, followed by a set of upgrades for your Imperial vessels. We then have information of a new fan-developed suppliment in the works, and as someone who knows how much work this type of thing is I wish the guys the best with this. Following from this, we have some new technology and scenarios to use it all in, and a selection of the fleet pictures from this years GothiComp09 submissions. Rounding all of this out, we have an article on simultaneous movement for Eldar fleets (who are always the exception to the rule) and the concluding chapter of the ongoing 'Tyranid War' fiction. Issue 25 is then closed off with more ordnance markers for use in your games. As always, feedback and contributions for this publication are in constant demand, so let us know what you think and feel free to drop us any ideas for articles and features that you would like to submit. Until next time....

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