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Author Topic: The Hunters scenario  (Read 2281 times)

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The Hunters scenario
« on: April 25, 2013, 08:08:57 PM »
We still play 1st ed rules (and we're happy with them, so don't say change ;) ), but a question came up about the Hunters scenario (the Outlaw one with the Gunfight rules).  It says that "each gang must set up in a line with no model more than 1" away from any other model" and "they are deployed 16" apart with all models at ground level and in full view of each other".  The issue we have is exactly how can the attacking gang set up?  Although it's at the extreme end, the attacking gang in our case had 16 models, so needed a minimum of 16" to set up in.

It didn't help that they were Scavvies facing Redemptionists, so missed most of their Fast Draw shots, nd were bunched up for flamer retaliation, but it has put a bit of a downer at the start of the campaign.

I suppose the question is, does the line have to be straight, or one line deep? Could the attacker set up 2, 3 or more deep?  Does the "deployed 16" apart" line mean the gangs (so at least one model) or individual models (which is difficult). The part where the models cannot set up, and cannot move into cover, make it very difficult, especially for the attacker.

We really like the Build Up rules, but we're probably going to remove this scenaro from the list, as it just seems so unbalanced as it stands.  Given that we're using the ORB (or in this case, the original Outlanders book) was theis one ever modified?
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