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BFG Skirmish
« Reply #15 on: January 22, 2016, 11:00:24 PM »
Hello harec!

It has been a long time, haha! I was looking at some posts I made a few years ago and only remembering half of what I said! It's funny how sometimes one isn't around online forums much and then all of a sudden you feel the urge to post again!

Huzzah for the new group! That's been my problem, a general lack of people (and time...) to play BFG with (and my friends aren't as into experimenting with the rules as I am). Maybe the new Games Workshop Specialist Games can bring back a bit of the space battle fire! Though interestingly enough, I don't actually live that far from ZenithFleet and his fairly sizeable group (but we all know how often one goes to the other side of the city haha).

Well, I'm glad to hear you've successfully migrated and seem to be settled in with a good bunch! If do you ever get thinking about BFG Skirmish again, I think this Adeptus Titanicus II system from the end of Epic40K might have some merit with a few BFG bits like movement thrown in.

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