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Author Topic: Several different rules questions for a beginning league  (Read 2085 times)

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Several different rules questions for a beginning league
« on: May 23, 2012, 12:48:48 PM »
First things first, hello everyone!

4 friends and started a league last week and none of us have played in quite a few years.  A few questions popped up that we'd like to resolve before too long.

1. What exactly does "unobstructed line of sight" mean in reference to charging?  Do you have to charge in a straight line or can you curve around models and small obstructions?  How do you determine is something can be charged in the first place?  I may need to post pictures to clarify the question...

2. At exactly what point during experience gains can you choose which stat to apply a units bonus to?  As an example; I roll a 9 on the hero chart, then roll again for T or W.  My T is maxed out already.  Do I automatically take W or do I roll again?  At which point can I apply that gain to any stat?  The way I read it is that you roll your initial advance, then roll your sub advance if needed (W or T) if the one you roll is maxed you can take the other OR roll the initial advance again.  If what you roll the second time is also maxed you can then apply the advance to any stat you want.  This also allows you to avoid BS upgrades on H2H units, which is nice. (ie, M)

3. How do critical hits interact with troll regeneration?  Do you roll the regen before or after the wounds are doubled?

4. How does shooting out of windows work, exactly?  Can a model stick his body out the window and shoot down or to either side or is shooting from that position treated as standard line of sight only?  The second option seems to make more sense to me, the first option would seem to make heavily shooty warbands even more difficult to deal with than they already are.  It's tough enough to get into an elevated position without being pincushioned, never mind how hard it would be if you have nearly no place to hide!

Thanks for any help you can provide in advance!

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Re: Several different rules questions for a beginning league
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2012, 07:36:43 PM »
Hi there :)

1. You do have to charge in a straight line. However, if there are obstructions in the way ( columns, buiding's corners, other models), you can move around them.

2. You roll an advance. If you  two stats can be raised, roll which stat is raised. If that stat is maxed, you MUST apply it to the other stat ( that would be Wound stat in your example). If both stats are maxed, you can apply +1 to any stat, but note that you can't exceed racial maximum.
If only one stat can be raised and is already maxed (this is possible only when you're rolling Henchmen advaces - note that Henchmen' stats can be only raised by 1), roll again.

3. Regeneration comes into play when a wound is inflicted. So you regenerate the wound before it's doubled.

4. FAQ:
Q: Models with missile weapons that are up on a building or wall - can they trace a
line of site to a model standing against the building or wall (assuming that the model
with the missile weapon can lean over the edge and look down)?
A: Yes.