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Author Topic: Oh dear, oh Demiurg!  (Read 3445 times)

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Oh dear, oh Demiurg!
« on: July 26, 2009, 10:33:31 PM »
Don't worry, don't worry. I'm mulling over the Distant Darkness and MMS Eldar projects too!

Take a look at the old rules: http://www.savefile.com/files/2164249!

It's been a longstanding issue of mine: how to deal with the Demiurg properly. I feel I've threaded enough character and 'uniqueness' in how they play to be an effective force on the tabletop, but I really need to 'tidy it up'.

For those who've not seen this stuff before: Do take a look. The document above has a fair bit of Inquisitor and Epic: Armageddon in it, but the overwhelming bulk is 'lore' (fluff!) and Battlefleet Gothic.

My intention is to tidy up the special rules, prune the ships and fleet lists and repackage the document with less of the feel from 'BFG Armada' about it (i.e. cut out the copied stuff) and rework it into a slightly more 'my' style presentation. Importantly, I aim to keep it quite vague but to...'flesh out' the details, the allusions, the style.

It's not official, not at all (well, except the GW-origin bits), but it does have alot of pleasing feedback. Few folks have said they dislike it (though if you do, please speak up; I'll never learn if people don't tell me their minds!).

It's been a while I've been working on this, it's a bit of a Xisor-wiki really. It never seems to be finished, just 'more to it' and in a better style. And, of course, it's not all my own work. Rather: It's a reflection of the vast input I've gained from discussing it with anyone and everyone who'll listen (mainly on 'tinterwebz e.g. Conclave, SG Forums, TacComms, TauOnline, Warseer etc) all 'focused' through the lens of my mind.

(Also, I hope to streamline and unify the lore. It's a bit...all-over-the-place, but after this coming edition I 'spect it'll be much better!)


The Special Rules at Present

Blast Markers
The curious shielding arrangement of Demiurg vessels dissipates the effects of ionised gases and repels larger obstacles in its path.

As a result, and blast marker which a Demiurg vessel moves over is removed immediately – this includes any in base contact with the vessel at the beginning of its turn. Blast markers have no effect on the movement of the Demiurg ship. Keep markers ‘hoovered up’ like this to one side so they can be used to fire a cutting beam from the prow in the shooting phase. Note that blast markers moved over must be removed; the Demiurg player can’t choose to remove some markers and leave others in place. Although only a certain amount of blast markers may be diverted to certain systems, primarily the ship’s cutting beam, any further blast markers above this amount are simply discarded, but still removed from play.
Celestial Phenomena
Demiurg ships are totally unaffected by solar flares, gas and dust clouds and radiation bursts. Do not place blast markers in contact with them for celestial phenomena of any kind.
Deployment & Scenarios
Aside from the Tau and Kroot, who appear to have the strongest known connections with the Demiurg, a number of races have on occasion been reported as having made contact with these aliens.
Any fleet except Orks, Tyranids and Necrons can use Demiurg Bastion class vessels; they are purchased as cruisers but do not contribute to the number of ships required to gain access to battleships, grand cruisers, etc. In addition, a single squadron of escorts may also be used for each Bastion Class present, up to a maximum of four escorts per squadron.
Demiurg ships can never carry fleet commanders, use non-Demiurg fleet commander re-rolls or be placed in squadrons with non-Demiurg vessels. Tau fleets (and other races whose fleet list specifically include the Demiurg) ignore these restrictions and should instead select Demiurg vessels using the entries given in their fleet list.
If not selected as part of a Tau, Kroot or Demiurg fleet, they are considered to be mercenaries and will not continue to fight if crippled.
Crippled Demiurg ships will attempt to disengage every turn and run for the nearest point on the nearest table edge if they fail.
However, if the Demiurg ship is part of a fleet fighting against Orks, or fighting as part of a Tau, Kroot or Demiurg fleet list it will only disengage if first reduced to having only 1 or 2 Damage points remaining. Demiurg vessels will never attack other Demiurg vessels.
For purposes of counting as crippled, an escort squadron must be reduced to one remaining ship.
Cutting Beam
The cutting beam is a short ranged but devastating ionisation beam usually employed for gouging out recalcitrant moonlets.
The cutting beam counts as a single lance but each Blast marker picked up by the vessel in the Movement phase gives the beam the equivalent of one extra lance shot (up to a maximum noted on the ships profile). Blast markers cannot be held from turn to turn in order to power the cutting beam, any unused ones are lost. Those exceeding the maximum of a ship’s cutting beam strength are simply discarded.
Most Demiurg ordnance is reconfigured from its automated mining machines within the cavernous dorsal silos.
Some Demiurg ships are equipped with launch bays which are also permitted to fire torpedoes. If this is the case, this will be noted in the ‘Range/Speed’ column of the launch bays profile. Silos can be used to release either attack craft or torpedoes, but not both in the same turn. Note Silos may only fire a certain type of ordnance if noted in the ship’s profile, but both mechanisms come under the same title.
Demiurg ordnance consists of largely reconfigured squadrons and networks of automated machines, though it is not uncommon in engagements involving Demiurg to sight dedicated combat craft nestled amongst the swarms of reconfigured mining craft.
Code: [Select]
Fighters 30cm
Bombers 20cm
Assault Boats 30cm
(Torpedo Bombers 20cm)
Demiurg ordnance is treated exactly as described in the Battlefleet Gothic Rulebook. Demiurg vessels may only be outfitted with Specialist Torpedoes and Torpedo Bombers via the Specialist Macrotechnology Outfit refit.
Demiurg torpedoes are typically automated transportation pods, which when deployed in battle are outfitted with various explosives and attack augmentations. In a manner similar to Tau missiles, they are aware of their own positions relative to others but through the ingenious networking systems are capable of automatically redirecting their own torpedoes rather than engaging them with turrets out of fear they may attack their own vessels.
Due to this it is important to keep track of which torpedoes are Demiurg of origin as they will never attack their own vessels and instead simply pass straight by without being engaged by turrets.
Demiurg vessels are highly automated and tend to be far more focused towards control and management than vessels of other races.
Battleships start with Ld10, Cruisers with Ld9 and Escorts and Defences with Ld8.
1    Capital Ships and Defences reduce their leadership by 1 for every point of damage suffered. No more leadership is lost when they reach Ld 5. In addition, bridge smashed critical results do not inflict leadership loss, but instead an extra point of damage.

2    Escort squadrons and reduce their leadership by 1 for each ship lost from the initial squadron.
Special Orders
Demiurg capital ships may not use ‘Come to new heading’ special orders due to their ponderous hull structure.
As Demiurg ships do not operate through a strict command hierarchy, they do not follow the same constraints as other fleets for command checks. Should a Demiurg vessel fail a command check, it still counts as being on special orders until its next turn for the purpose of enemy Ld bonuses and boarding. If one ship fails, the rest of the fleet may still test.
Due to the unique command structure, or lack thereof, within the Demiurg fleets, Demiurg Capital Ships may never squadron with more than one other ship. Battleships may not squadron at all. Escort Squadrons may never number more than four escorts per squadron.
Victory Points
Demiurg vessels are highly valuable prises, and as such each loss represents a great blow to the rare Demiurg, and a tremendous gain for scavengers.
When calculating Victory points the following apply:
When fighting against Orks, all Demiurg vessels and stations that count as destroyed count as +15% of their points value for the purpose of victory points calculations.
At all other times any Demiurg capital ships and stations count as +15% of their points value for the purpose of victory points calculations.
Should the enemy hold the field at the end of a game, the above are increased to +20%
Designers Note: In the first instance all ships contribute as an extra loss to the Orks. In the second, only capital ships count for the bonus victory points.
Commerce Stations
Demiurg forces often consist of significantly mobile interstellar stations, much akin to the waystations deployed by the Tau. Typically these will be stations that defend part of the Demiurg operation in the region, minor storage facilities and more often stations where would be traders, wanderers and diplomats are welcome to barter for the services and wares of the Brotherhoods in the region.
They are purchased as part of the fleet allowance for Demiurg and are deployed aside the Demiurg fleet (though they may elect to deploy as normal for planetary defences).
Commerce stations may move and turn in movement phase in any direction, subject to normal Demiurg rules, provided that the station has a speed value.
Torpedoes launched from inside asteroid field are placed outside the field, but measure initial speed move from station as normal, otherwise line of sight for weapons is unachievable within asteroid fields.


My Proposals

1- So 'Silos', 'Ordnance' and 'Torpedoes' are amalgamated into one 'rule' entry. Hell, except the 'notes' on their speeds and options, I might strip them out altogether.

2- 'Special Orders', 'Squadrons' and 'Leadership' are fairly 'iconic' for the fleet (and have a bigger impact on how they actually play). If I can streamline these, I will. Suggestions welcome!

3- The 'Blast Markers', 'Celestial Phenomena' and 'Cutting Beam' will be amalgamated into one 'Commerce Vessel' (or better named, maybe 'Indomitable Industry'?) special rule. Even then I might ignore it altogether in the name of simplicity and 'fairness': Ignore blast marker-esque effects (save for shields being knocked down), cutting beam becomes a very potent, short ranged, short focus lance (like Orky Heavy Gunz).

4- 'Deployment & Scenarios', 'Victory Points' and 'Mercenaries' are intriguing, but really complicate things a bit more than is really necessary. Describing this in the fleet list section might be the most sensible approach. Also, with the VPs: Just use the normal bloody ones! Perhaps Demiurg hulks are not easily accessible, even if you've hulked or crippled the damn things...


Other folks' thoughts...

Well, I'd like suggestions on Commerce Stations. Visually, I think they're a great wee idea (though I've not given much imagery, just what's in my head). However, rules-wise they present a big bag of complication. Make their rules dead obvious? Make them 'just defences' which are part of the fleet's alotment?

Other ideas, input and comments are of course also welcome. As is everyone else having a discussion without me!

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Re: Oh dear, oh Demiurg!
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2009, 11:01:23 AM »
Good to see you picking this up again.

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Re: Oh dear, oh Demiurg!
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2010, 05:01:00 AM »
I really would love to see some more Demiurg stuff.  Question, given their fluff, how do Demiurg go about boarding shuttles?
Are you the fellow who came up with all those extra Demiurg ships to flesh out the fleet?

Also, link doesn't work for me, just takes me to savefile.com

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Re: Oh dear, oh Demiurg!
« Reply #3 on: September 22, 2010, 06:33:47 AM »
Xisor is on v5 for his Demiurg. He has yet to post them here....

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Re: Oh dear, oh Demiurg!
« Reply #4 on: September 22, 2010, 01:53:43 PM »
Time to pester him then. :)