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Author Topic: Kingdom of Jerusalem armylist. An odd thing... is this a errata?  (Read 1679 times)

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Another odd thing about kingdom of Jerusalem armylist is that follows:

I understood in warmaster medieval rules about min/max that you should buy min/max for each complete fraction of 1000 pts.
So from 1-999  --> only min
from 1000-1999 --> min/max * 1
from 2000-2999 --> min/max * 2
and son on.

Well Kingdom of Jerusalem has no unit with unlimited max. This is a odd thing in warmaster list.

So if I go for one min/max, I think the range from 1000-1999 points, I only could buy 1595. Because this is the cost of alll army maximizating the units.

So... what happens if I want to make an armyt of 1800 points? should I break the rule of min/max and buy more units that are allowed?

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Re: Kingdom of Jerusalem armylist. An odd thing... is this a errata?
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I would do the following changes:

1- Infantry  2/-
2- Sergeants 1/-
3- Upgrade to Shock Sergeants -/2

This will reflect the core of the Crusaders army, keeping the balance. If there is no limit to Sergeants, then the Shock upgrade must be limited! Anyway, these changes should be playtested a little bit...  ;)