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Author Topic: Athel Loren: Hired Swords & Dramatis Personae  (Read 5020 times)

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Re: Athel Loren: Hired Swords & Dramatis Personae
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Here is a Bretonnian witch from killershrike site.

Human 60 gc to Hire +50 Warband Rating
4" 3 4 3 4 2 4 2/3 8 -
Equipment: Dagger, Staff
Esmarelda is a witch that was cast out Brettonia several years ago and has found her way to Mordheim. She costs 30gc to upkeep. All Witch Hunter bands want her head as she has been caught by them several times but always manages to escape making them look very foolish in the process. She increases the warbands rating by 50 points.
Esmarelda will work for Mercenaries, Outlaws, Halflings, Undead, Possessed, and Skaven.
  1. Witch Fire An eerie glowing light appears around the targeted model, preventing him from hiding and granting a +1 bonus to all ranged attacks against him. In each of the targets Recovery Phases roll a d6. On a 1-3 the light flickers out, on a 4-6 it stays in place. Difficulty: 7, R: 36". 
  2. Witches Curse The targeted model is striken by clumsiness and ill luck. The model always strikes last for the remainder of the battle, after 2Handed Weapon strikes are resolved. Difficulty: 9; R: 8".
  3. Boils The targeted model must roll under its T or break out in numerous painful boils that hurt so much the model becomes temporarily Stunned regardless of Wounds. Difficulty: 8; R: 12".
  4. Magic Broom The witch perches on a broom or staff and flies 12" in any direction, up or down. If she moves into base contact with an enemy she counts as charging. If she charges a fleeing enemy, she scores 1 automatic hit, then her opponent flees again. Difficulty: 7
  6. Bewitched The targeted model must make a Ld roll on 3d6 (yes, 3d6) everytime he wants to attack the Witch for the rest of the battle. Difficulty: 6, R: 6". 
  Sprint Triple move when running or charging.