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Author Topic: Balrog The Buff's Snotling Horde Warband  (Read 1969 times)

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Balrog The Buff's Snotling Horde Warband
« on: November 22, 2010, 02:49:41 PM »
I posted this on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forums as well. My playgroup is limited but hopefully playtesting will start soon.

Snotling Horde
By Jordan “Balrog the Buff” Hampton (Experimental Draft Edited 11/21/2010)
Inspired by several sources I am forgetting. Formatting based on David “Styrofoam King” Joria’s Wee Wars lists. Powder Keg / Zombie Bomb taken from the “Restless Dead” warband from the Border Town Burning Supplement and inspired by Warhammer Online’s ‘Powder Stuffed Snotlings’. Edited with help from the good (and green) folk of Tom's Boring Mordheim Forums.

Snotlings are stupid, weak, and smelly. And those are their good traits. However in the misty streets of Mordheim there have been sightings of hoards of Snotling running around in an almost organized manner.

Choice of Warriors:
A Snotling must include a minimum of 5 models. You have 500 Shinies (Gold Crowns) which you can use to recruit your initial warband. Maximum number of warriors allowed in the warband is 30!
• Snotling Boss: Each Snotling warband must have one Snotling Boss: no more, no less!
• Snotling Fungal Farmer: Each Snotling warband may have up to one Snotling Fungal Farmer
• Snotling Berserkers: Each Snotling warband may have up to two Snotling Berserkers
• Snotling Lookouts: Each Snotling warband may have up to two Snotling Lookouts

Special Rules:
• Small and Nimble: Snotlings ignore friendly snotlings for movement purposes.

• Greenskins: Snotlings are greenskins and therefore act as greenskins for exploration etc. and may hire any hired sword available to Orcs and Goblins. However roll after each time upkeep is paid for each Hired Sword. On a roll of a 1 the hired sword laughs and walks off with his pay. On a 2-6 the Hired Sword is so amused he sticks around.

• Don’t Hurt Me!: Snotlings are used to being bullied and suffer fear from greenskins. Note that Mob Mentality still applies.

• Mob Mentality: Snotlings are very stupid but when surrounded by other snotlings they become foolhardy and do not notice danger. For every other Snotling (standing or not) within 6” the Snotling gains +1 to his leadership for Psychology. If a model’s leadership would be raised above 10 then the model automatically passes any psychology based leadership test. Note that this does NOT include Rout or All Alone tests.

• Tiny!: Snotlings may not dual wield any weapon unless it says differently in their special rules. They also may only carry one melee and one ranged weapon at a time. Despite being scrawny and weak they are still surprisingly tough and roll for injuries just like normal models do. Snotlings may also fire at enemy models in combat as long as all friendly models are Snotlings. This counts as the target having cover (that may not be negated by any means). If the shot misses by 1 then a random friendly model in the melee is hit instead.

• Idiots: Snotlings may not ever gain the benefit from any tome, map or book unless somehow one of their heroes learns to use academic skills. They may still possess these items and sell them. On the plus side they rarely notice that each other are hurt. Snotling Hoard henchmen count as ‘half’ a model for rout test or voluntary rout purposes. Snotling Henchmen may never gain more than 9 exp. Heroes may never gain more than 63 exp.

•Not Exactly Merchants: Snotlings are such poor merchants they must always sell all of their stored Wyrdstone or treasure after every battle. They also count as selling one less piece of Wyrdstone for purposes of earning income (min 1)

• Moulds and Dung: Snotlings all have a 4+ special save to ignore the effects of any poison or disease. They ignore all side effects from any drug they take as well other than those they suffer penalties for only during a fight.

• WAAAGH!: Once per Battle as long as any Hero is still on the table the Snotling Warband may scream WAAAGH! This does nothing.

• Insignificant: Snotling Horde warbands only count as half the normal warband rating compared to what their numbers and experience would show. Also, whenever an enemy takes a snotling henchmen out of action it counts as 'half' an exp. At the end of the battle round this exp up.

Starting Experience:
• Snotling Chief starts with 20 experience.
• Snotling Fungal Farmer starts with 8 experience.
• Snotling Berserkers starts with 8 experience.
• Snotling Lookouts starts with 6 experience.
• All henchmen start with 0 experience.

Snotling Maximum Characteristics:
Maximum characteristic values for Snotlings.
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Snotling 4 4 4 3 3 2 6 3 7
Snotling Skill Tables
• Snotling Boss may choose from the Combat, Strength, Speed or Special Skills.
• Snotling Fungal Farmer may choose from the Strength or Special Skills.
• Snotling Berserkers may choose from the Combat, Strength or Special Skills.
• Snotling Lookouts may choose from the Shooting, Speed or Special Skills.

Snotling Equipment List
Hand to Hand Weapons
Sticks and Stones Free
Dagger 2 gc
Club 3 gc
Axe 5gc
Spear 10 gc (requires two hands to use)
Big Stick (Halberd) 15 gc

Missile Weapons
Throwin’ Stuffs 5 gc
Slingshot 10 gc
Snotling Bow 10 gc
Throwing Weapons 15 gc
Big Snotling Bow* 25 gc (requires two hands to use)
Snotling Net 15 gc (as Net but once per battle instead of one use only)

Light Armor* 20 gc
Bucket 5 gc
Helmet* 10 gc
Shield 5 gc
Toughened Leathers* 5 gc

Snotling Shrooms 15 gc
Dung 1 gc
Soporific Dung 10 gc
Powder Keg 5 gc
*=heroes only

1 Snotling Boss: 60 shinies to hire.
On very rare occasions Snotlings have been known to ‘play orc’ and run amok. They pretend to be orcs and go ‘raid’. They don’t know why the orcs want Wyrdstone but the greediest of orcs are more than willing to trade Wyrdstone for a handful of teef or shinies. The orcs are ripping the runts off, but not so much that the snotlings will notice the difference in the size of the piles of their stuff and stop going to that orc. The leaders of each Hoard are the biggest Snotlings in the group.
4 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 6
Weapons/Armor: A Boss may be equipped with weapons and armor chosen from the Snotling Equipment List. A Snotling Boss always has his bestest boss ‘at. Which counts as a Helmet. If he ever loses this he must buy another helmet as soon as possible for 15gc.
Special Rules:
• Leader: Any warrior within 6" of the Chief may use his Leadership when taking a Leadership test.

0-1 Snotling Fungal Farmer; 35 shinies to hire.
Snotling are used by other greenskins to cultivate fungus. They do very well at this and some even don’t die from all the spores and moulds. Those that survive love playing in the dung and fungus piles.
4 2 2 2 3 1 3 1 5
Weapons/Armor: A Snotling Fungal Farmer may be equipped with weapons and armor chosen from the Snotling Equipment List. He always has a free supply of Dung at the beginning of every battle.
Special Rules:
• Fungal Farmer: If the Farmer was not taken OOA then he is able to produce D3 ‘doses’ of Snotling Shrooms instead of looking for rare items. These must be used in the next game, and may not be sold.
• Immune to Poison: The farmer is totally immune to poison after near constant exposure to noxious fumes and foul humours.

0-2 Snotling Berserkers; 25 shinies to hire.
Snotling Berserkers are the Snotlings that pretend to be savage orcs. They are some of the biggest in the bunch and are the only ones in the warband strong enough to carry a weapon in each hand!
4 3 2 3 2 1 3 1 6
Weapons/Armor: A Snotling Berserker may be equipped with weapons chosen from the Snotling Equipment List. They may only use ranged weapons that are thrown.
Special Rules:
• ‘Berserking’: As long as the model is not wearing armor of any kind the model benefits from Frenzy, this frenzy is not lost when the model is knocked down or stunned.
• Two Weapons!: The Snotling Berserker may hold and use two one handed weapons

0-2 Snotling Lookout; 20 shinies to hire.
Snotling Hoards usually have one or two who hang around near the edge of their group and warn the others in case of danger.
4 2 2 2 2 1 3 1 5
Weapons/Armor: Snotling Youths may be equipped with weapons and armor chosen from the Snotling Equipment List.
Special Rules:
Agile: Snotling Lookouts have Dodge and Sprint skills and may reroll any failed climbing, falling, jumping, or diving charge test.
Cowardly: The model suffers fear from any model. They still use Mob Mentality as normal.

Henchmen (In groups of 1-5)
Snotling ‘Boys’; 10 shinies to hire.
Most Snotlings are weak and stupid. These are no exception!
4 2 2 2 2 1 3 1 5
Weapons/Armor: Snotling Scouts may be equipped with weapons and armor chosen from the Snotling Equipment List.

0-5 Snotling Sneaks; 20 shinies to hire.
Sneaky Gits.
4 2 3 2 2 1 3 1 5
Weapons/Armor: Snotling Sneaks may be equipped with weapons and armor chosen from the Snotling Equipment List.
Special Rules
Sort of Sneaky: All Sneaks in the warband may set up in hiding anywhere on the board as long as they are at least 12” away from any enemy model, or in their warband’s normal deployment zone. This is after deployment and after infiltrators. They must be deployed in base contact with at least one other Sneak. This means that a lone sneak must be set up as normal as he is too scared to go on his own. They are not very good as navigating however so roll a die for each Sneak. On a 6 he is lost and misses this battle. If the group is reduces to one model that model also will miss the battle.
Cowardly: see Snotling Lookout. In addition they must reroll any Lad’s got Talent.

0-5 Snotling Daredevils 20 shinies to hire
4 2 2 2 2 1 4 1 7
Weapons/Armor: Snotling Daredevils may be equipped with weapons and armor chosen from the Snotling Equipment List. Snotling Daredevils are always equipped with a Bucket. They can replace this with a Helmet if they ever become a hero.
Special Rules:
Daredevils: Snotling Daredevils may reroll any failed climbing, falling, jumping, or diving charge test. However if they fail the reroll they automatically suffer the wounds associated with failure.

Snotlings' Special Skills
• ‘Brave’ (Lookout’s Only): The Snotling has finally cured his cowardice and no longer suffers from the Cowardly special rule.
• Light on their feet: The model may ignore enemy models for movement purposes.
• Stik it to ‘um!: The model is adept at finding weak points in armor. When attacking in melee they get a critical hit on a 5+ to wound. If they normally would need a 6+ to get a wound then they convert that wound into a critical hit on a 4+
• Green as it gets: The model is foolhardy and powerful. This may only be taken by a model with at least S3. They will always wound in melee on at least a 4+ with a two handed weapon of any kind.
• Sneaky Git: The model may be deployed with the Snotling Sneaks using the Sort of Sneaky rule, although the hero will never roll to become lost. The leader and any Berserkers may NOT use this skill.
• Steady: If the model is carrying a Snotling Bow or a Big Snotling Bow they may move up to their normal movement and still allow a stationary shooter to fire and gain the Assisted Aim bonus.
• Bowel Problems (Fungal Farmer only): The model has some serious bowel issues. They always count as armed with Dung and Soporific Dung. They keep the effects of Dung even if knocked down or stunned.

Special Equipment
Sticks and Stones; Free; Availability: Common
Snotlings regularly carry various odds and ends they fight with. This can be anything they are using as an improvised weapon.
Range Strength Special Rules
Close Combat As User +1 to enemy A Sv, Not Shiny, Crude
Special Rules:
• Not Shiny - Snotlings only have these if they are not equipped with another melee weapon.
• Crude – Sticks and Stones subtract one from their critical hit chart rolls. They are blunt damage.

Throwin’ Stuffs; 5 gc; Availability: Common
Snotlings are often seen carrying lots of random bits and bobbins that they throw at their enemies. Or allies. Or just at anything they feel like…
Range Strength Special Rules
6” As User -1 +1 enemy A Sv, Throwing
Special Rules:
• Throwing – counts as throwing weapons in every way other than strength, save modifier and cost.

Slingshot; 10 gc; Availability: Common (Snotlings and Halflings only)
Simple slingshots often can pack quite the punch.
Range Strength Special Rules
12” As ammo used Normal Shot, Dung Shot, Spore Shot
Special Rules:
• Normal Shot – S3
• Dung Shot – Does not cause wounds. A hit will cause the target to gag and retch. A T test must be taken or the model is at -1 I and may not run the next turn. The model may charge as normal. Models immune to poison ignore this effect.
• Spore Shot – Does not cause wounds. A hit will cause spores to get in the targets face making it hard to see. An I test must be passed or the target suffers a -1 to hit with both melee and ranged attacks for one whole turn. Models that do not rely on non-magical vision to fight ignore this (Augurs, Zombies etc.)

Snotling Bow; 10 gc; Availability: Rare 6 to represent the trial and error in Snotling Construction
These are bows modified for use for Snotling sizes. A Snotling has to carry them while another pulls the bow string back and aims.
Range Strength Special Rules
24” 3 Big, Assisted Aim
Special Rules:
• Big – The snotling bow must be fired by a model in base contact with the wielder using the other models BS and skills. The firing model may use only if the model has only moved his normal movement. Wielder may not use a two handed melee weapon.
• Assisted Aim – As long as the wielder did not move they add a +1 to hit.

Big Snotling Bow; 25 gc; Availability: Rare 7 to represent the trial and error in Snotling construction
These are crossbows modified for use for Snotling sizes. One snotling carries the crossbow and another cranks and aims.
Range Strength Special Rules
24” 4 Big, Move OR Fire
Special Rules:
• Big – The snotling bow must be fired by a model in base contact with the wielder using the other models BS and skills. May only be used only if neither model has moved. Wielder may not use a two handed melee weapon.
• Assisted Aim – As long as the wielder did not move they add a +1 to hit.
Snotling Nets; 15 gc; Availability: Rare 5 (Snotlings only)
Snotling nets may be used once per battle.
Bucket; 5 gc; Availability: Common (Snotlings only)
Bucket works like a helmet but only provides a 5+ save vs. stun.

Powder Keg; 5 gc; Availability: Rare 8 (Snotlings only)
Snotlings sometimes eat weird things. Like black powder… Works like Zombie Bomb. If the model somehow survives the battle without blowing up they do not die but the Keg is lost as their system manages to pass it safely. However if the powder stuffed Snotling is knocked down or stunned he must roll a 4+ or blow up. Snotlings find this quite amusing since their tiny brains cannot comprehend the concept of death.
Here is a copy of the Corpse Bomb rules (from http://www.bordertownburning.de.vu/)
"Special magics and rituals can cause a Zombie to explode when they are near the enemy. Secretly nominate one Zombie at the beginning of the battle to be a Corpse Bomb. If the enemy charges or is charged by the Zombie, it immediately detonates. All models
within D6 inches take D3 Strength 4 hits. The detonated Zombie may never be used again as it is splattered in a million pieces! Corpse bombs killed by shooting do not detonate. Only one Zombie at a time can be a corpse bomb although the skill can be taken by both the Necromancer and the Liche."

Dung; 1 gc; Availability: Common (Snotlings only)
The hero who holds a pile of dung causes Fear in animals until knocked down or stunned. The Stinky Dung loses its potency after one battle. And must be repurchased each time it is to be used.

Soporific Dung; 10 gc; Availability: rare 5 (Snotlings only)
Snotlings, in a rare stroke of brilliance, rub their weapons in dung and other nasty things. This makes their weapons cause a soporific effect on their target. Each supply of Soporific Dung lasts for one battle. When using Soporific Dung all of the Snotling’s attacks add the following effect:
Soporific – If target is knocked down by an attack from a weapon with this trait the target must immediately make a Toughness test or be stunned. Helmets do not protect vs. this stun. Models immune to poison are immune to this effect.
Snotling Shrooms; 15 gc; Availability: Rare 6 (Common if a Fungal Farmer is in Warband) (Snotlings only)
One use only. Snotling Shrooms are a mixed lot. Roll on the following chart after deployment to find out the effects on the eater. Henchmen may eat as well, as long as the whole group is given a dose. The entire group shares a single result.

1 – User begins to throw up and must do nothing for their first turn of the game.
2-3 – User becomes fearless for the battle
4-6 – User becomes Frenzied for the battle

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Re: Balrog The Buff's Snotling Horde Warband
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I'm really eager to see how it plays... after playing it a bit, post how it handles!