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Author Topic: [Battle Report] The Battle of Qades ca. 1275 BC  (Read 2210 times)

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[Battle Report] The Battle of Qades ca. 1275 BC
« on: October 06, 2010, 11:50:41 PM »
The battle of Qadesh is known for being the clash of two mighty empires in the bronze age: Egypt and Hittite kingdom. The pharaoh himself Ramses II was leading the army toward the heart of Hittite kingdoms and a confederation leaded by Mutwatallish (king of kings) face him near the city fortress of Qadesh, in Syrian territory  circa 1275 BC.

Historically the Egyptian sources tell us the battle was a Egyptian victory but it seems it was  a draw in the campaign strategy, as it seems the two forces do not move their borders, so neither the Egyptian conquest Hittite land neither the Hittites could respond with another army the Egyptian aggression.

Battle of Qadesh is a classic ambush attack to an army marching. Hittite spies made believe to the pharaoh that Hittite army were far away Qadesh. Egyptian army (divided in 3 arms, Amun, Re and Ptha) were marching to join each other. The true is that Hitte army were hidden beyond Orontes river, and a big force of chariots ambush the Re Egyptian army, while Amun with Ramses were awaiting them in the campament). Ptah were too far away to join the battle.

When all seems lost for the Egyptian, a force of chariot called Naran, appears to save the day to the pharaon. The Naran still a mistery in the forces, some historian claim that they were from Ugarit, other they were amorreans… anyway, they came and help Ramses.

The game:
Qadesh can hold 1 hittite unit
Amun can not move until a Hittite unit cross the Orontes
Re must advance straight to Amun until a Hittite unit cross the Orontes.
Hittites go first
Orontes river stop movement and block LOS except in 6cm of not deep river
Ptha and Naran can appear as reinforcement with a dice roll
Both Egyptian and Hittite has campament (count as defended, and could be sacked 50VP, and is like a unit destroy for the breakpoint)
Ramses II (especial Ramses II)
Mutwatallih (portent)
The sherden unit is upgrade to guard

The mighty Hittite force

Mutwatali move his chariot and chariot runners, hidden for the LOS of the Egyptian due to the Orontes vegetation

Hittites chariot force cross the Orontes flanking the Ra regiment in column

And charge!!

The naran appears form the north, and advance to help the Egyptian archers survivors of the ambush. Also some Nubian archers of the Amun regiment advance with the naran

Naran Chariots and infantry attack the hittite chariots

Hittite chariot runners and chariots end with naran infantry. Naran chariots had fear and flees away

Meanwhile the main infantry hittite force has cross the Orontes and start a charge to the egyptian battleline, but they can not reach the enemy

Egytpain infantry attacks and charge

The battle is long enough to let the hittites archers and asiatic troops to cross the orontes and start sacking the egyptian campament

Meanhile in the pains, a hittite chariot force pursuit some egyptian survivor and give them dead. This chariot unit found Ramses II forcing him to join the infantry combat. Ramses help to win the combat and hittite breakpoint is reached. Victory for Rames!!!