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Author Topic: The North London Imps are moving  (Read 1733 times)

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The North London Imps are moving
« on: July 27, 2010, 12:42:58 PM »
That's right, North London's premier wargames club is moving. We're a proper North London club, as well we're on the Northern Line, so stands to reason doesn't it?

On Sunday the 1st of August (that's this coming Sunday) we're going to be moving all our boards, terrain, books (we have a club library...) and so on from our current venue of Avenue House, to our new venue of Gordon Hall. And whilst our (still) current venue might be set in a nice big victorian house in a landscaped park, our new venue is an actual hall, much better suited to gaming purposes with more than enough space to swing a cat, or a battleaxe if you want to use that analogy instead.

So to cut to the important stuff. After we've moved everything we are going to have a massive five hour free gaming session, running from 1pm to 6pm. This won't count as someone's 'first time FoC', existing members won't have to pay and so on.

We should have enough tables for anyone that turns up to get a game, and since the session is so long you might even be able to get two games in. Personally I'm looking at getting a single game of WH 8th ed. and maybe a SH mission done and dusted.

And added to this, since we are changing our club night from the current Wednesday to Monday nights, if you turn up and for some reason don't get a game (we will endevour to ensure that everyone who wants a game can get a game of some kind, be that a board game, Space Hulk, Blood Bowl or whatever), then you can easily arrange a game for our very first 'proper' club night at the new venue the very next day. And remember, if you've never been to the club before, then that will also be completely free...

So now the important stuff, how to get there:

The address is:
Gordon Hall, Huntley Drive, West Finchley, London, N3 1NX.

Here's a handy map for those too lazy to use Google:,+1+Huntly+Dr,+London+N3+1NX,+United+Kingdom&gl=uk&ei=OdNBTNK2H4r60wS7v_mnDw&ved=0CBgQ8gEwAA&t=h&ll=51.609119,-0.188361&spn=0.001909,0.004823&z=18

And of course our club times from the 2nd of August will be Monday's from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. There is some limited on-site parking, which on Sunday will most likely be used up by our van and a couple of cars. However, there should be plenty of parking nearby, and as of yet there are no CPZ's, but even when they do inevitably come into force since the club night doesn't start until 7:30pm you shouldn't have a problem.

There is a parade of shops literally around the corner, indeed if you are getting to the club via the Underground, then you'll walk past them on the way to the club. And yes, this includes an off-license, and since we should have a kettle you can pick up a Pot Noodle if desperate, although there is/was at least one cafe or takeaway in the parade. And unlike our current venue, there is a 'bring your own' drink policy, but of course if you are underage then such drink will be confiscated and promptly poured down the sink or drunk by a committee member [-X  And of course no getting legless please, it is a residential area after all.

Any questions then feel free to post here, PM or email me. Needless to say we're all excited about the move, and apart fromm anything else I'm excited about the prospect of maybe finishing a game, five hours ought to be enough...