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Author Topic: Chaos vs Adeptus Mechanicus / Fleet Engagement  (Read 1627 times)

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Chaos vs Adeptus Mechanicus / Fleet Engagement
« on: May 08, 2009, 07:14:17 AM »
A short battle review

Fleet Engagement

Chaos vs Adeptus Mechanicus

Gothic List

2x Carnage
1x Slaughter
3x Infidels
3x Iconoclast

Magos Explorator
Retribution [AWR]
Lunar [FDT]
Gothic [AE]
Defiant [EER]
Strike Cruiser
3x Hunter

short review
He chose Wedge, I sphere, he won. Chaos in the middle I on both flanks. I neglected one flank and only placed the Hunters there. Chaos went for those and forced me to disengage them with 2 down in turn 2.

I turned my fleet from the other flank, AAF into the rear of the Chaos fleet who made turns to face my fleet. A bit uneventfull. Around turn four I reached his fleet. Then I started to fail all special order checks for the coming 3 turns.... except bfi. Thus no ordnance at all. grrr. Long range fire took 2 hits from the Slaughter. Then the following turn broadsides from a Lunar (bfi), Gothic, Strike Cruiser and Retribution managed to kill 2 Infidels.... with all 3 lances of the Retribution missing...oh dear. 9 torps managed to inflict 1 hit (after bfi) on the Slaughter...oh dear. 1 Iconoclast destroyed as well. In the meanwhile Chaos inflicted 2 hits on my Gothic.

Chaos then brought Carnages to bear, Slaughter on BFI those inflicted 1 hit on Lunar. the 2 Iconoclast crippled(!) my Defiant and added fire which I could not repair... Assault boats harassed Strike Cruiser, 2 criticals repaired in 1 phase. Disengaged Defiant.

Thanks to the fleet defense turrets I squashed 2 bomber waves on the Gothic with ease. In the ending turns I inflicted 2 hits on the Styx....he braced about 5 hits. My Strike Cruiser failed to kill a single Iconoclast with T-hawks, bombardment cannon or teleport attack.  Fire from Lunar was also fruitless.

end due time
How daft

Chaos 62 vps
AdMech 30 vps

Chaos had better field position.

Chaos made a mistake of not going offensive with them. Deploying fighters to intercept bombers and t-hawks or even torps. But when he went offensive nothing happened. Fleet Defense Turrets are very good in addition to 3 turrets allround, 5 dice is enough to deplete most bombing / assault runs. The one time aboats were succesfull against the strike cruiser they inflicted 2 crits but I repaired the at once. If I had a proper carrier instead of the defiant I would have created an advantage. So ordnance was pretty grounded this battle.

5 games, 2 major losses, 3 minor. Oddly, if he didn't brace so good I could have crippled his Slaughter and destroyed his Infidels. Giving me a virtual vps victory.
The Retribution was my best ship. The Lunar and Gothic pretty mediocre for those hefty 215pts. The Lunar winning with FDT. The Defiant remains crap. I'm gonna hack'n'slash the ship. Maybe convert the Lunar into a Dictator and the Defiant into a Endeavour/Endurance.
In this battle, during the chase, I would have benefitted mighty from a NC or two. Will add one at least next time.