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[WM] Battlereports / Re: Warmaster Battle Report 4 players Good vs Evil
« Last post by Dark Omen on Yesterday at 04:48:45 PM »
Thanks Dave, I'm slowly cranking out more battle reports as I play them.

You are correct, this rule is changed in Revolution. Revolution primarily uses the Warmaster Ancients combat system.

Page 44 of the Warmaster Revolution Compendium, 5th Paragraph entitled "Supporting Combat";

"Units are automatically included in any combat engagement where they support. This means they are affected by the combat result and the usual options apply. This is covered in the following sections under Retreats and Winner Options."

So supporting units count as "in combat" and therefore, for example, they cannot be shot at, and must retreat from the combat they were supporting if they lose.

This makes it far more deadly to drop flyers in behind supporting units, as they can potentially take out an entire undamaged unit by blocking a combat retreat.

Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] Chios' Dockyard - Scratchbuilds
« Last post by Chios on Yesterday at 02:47:24 PM »
A friend of mine scratchbuilt a battlebarge a while ago, I painted it for him. That thing is HUGE.
[WM] Battlereports / Re: Warmaster Battle Report 4 players Good vs Evil
« Last post by Dave on Yesterday at 02:18:28 PM »
Thanks for posting this, having more reports like this is great.

Unless Revolution changed this and I haven't noticed yet... The DE Spearmen shouldn't have had to fall back at 7:51. They were support, but not engaged in the combat (thus don't fall back and can't be pursed). The Silverhelms would have advanced into them and started a new combat with them.
Events / Re: Cold Wars 2019 Warmaster Tournament pics
« Last post by andys on June 24, 2019, 09:16:22 PM »
Some very nice painting there! I'm impressed.  ;D
Events / Re: Cold Wars 2019 Warmaster Tournament pics
« Last post by Edmund2011 on June 24, 2019, 08:42:38 PM »
Great pictures and games, thanks for sharing.

Very inspiring  :)
Trades & Services / Re: [WTB] BFG Ork Fighta-Bomberz
« Last post by wilq on June 23, 2019, 12:12:03 PM »
Interested in recasts?.
I've just discovered your work after not even looking at BFG for about 15 years. It's like uncovering some lost ancient knowledge.
I've just been trying to get some friends into BFG and if they take to it I'll be running your rules like they are gospel. This is amazing work. I salute you sir.

Welcome, @Stubber! I know that feeling especially well around GW specialist games rules….

If you’re in Facebookland and interested, several other interested people are still working on BFG:XR.
@Fro5ty I was hoping you’d pop back in! So much for my pessimistic predictions :P

@Gothmog LoB ‘Fortunately’, it seems we who play BFG in the 41st Millennium will have a while to wait before any new GW BFG reaches us—as far as I’ve seen, the plan is for a Heresy BFG. It will be interesting to see which rules direction they go in.

@(More generally) I’m interested to see what new directions people take the BFG core rules after this ‘first edition’ of BFG:XR is done.

Core wise I would change the static igoyougo of BFG. A bit more fluent and interactive between two players would be good.
Somehow simplify AC and all of it (or just not include it as Andy Chambers at one pointed really thought to do so).
Gunnery and related is just awesome as is.

I’ve been reading up a bit on Dropfleet Commander since the release of its first major expansion a little while ago, and I found it interesting to see Andy Chambers and company tweaked all of these (and it’s been stated a few times by Mr Chambers that DFC is what a ‘BFG 2.0’ might have looked like).

Personally, I’m agreed on the gunnery point! Though DFC changes the gunnery table for a ‘to hit’ value and introduces some useful mechanisms around that, like weapon range being dependent on the size of the energy signature of the enemy in question.

DFC has a nice alternating activation system where you alternate activating what’s essentially squadrons of squadrons. You choose your fleet using these ‘super-squadrons’ (called battlegroups in DFC), and their tonnage affects how they activate.

Attack craft are included, but instead of flying around on their own, you place them directly in contact with a target within up to twice their move range—if the target is within move range, the effects are resolved immediately, if the target is within twice move range, the effects are resolved when the target next activates. Instead of turrets having values limited by the reduction in bomber attacks, DFC turrets roll a save against bomber attacks, and fighters increase the number of rolls you get.

DFC also does a good job of making planetary assaults an important part of the game (that’s probably where DFC gets most of its tactical choices from).
Trades & Services / WTB/WTT EPIC fanware and BFG Tau, Sm, Imperial and BITS
« Last post by sanernes on June 22, 2019, 11:41:31 PM »

Hi sexys generals and admirals

I am looking for some miniatures and bits of BFG and epic
I am looking for a FW tau ships
FW TAu orbital city and orbitals
Imperial grand cruiser vengance
Escort Carrier
3up chaos cruiser

The antenas of a kroot battlefleet (as in photo)
Imperial defenses arms and weapons (as in the photo)

Metal bits and spare parts in general (chaos, metal,)
I have Money and I also have some imperial and chaos for exchange

I am also looking for tau flyers, forumware necrons, true scale titans and knights, forumware mechanicus.w

eggy eldar revenant (2 ver.)
Space Marine Landing Craft (tank carrier thunderhawk)

I have for exchange some SM, IG infantery, old warlond titans ,old metal eldar titans, eldar knights ,some eldars
and some forumware chaos
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