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Title: Battle Report- Intercept Off St. Agnes' Island
Post by: Easy e on December 03, 2014, 06:34:07 PM
Chaos forces have built a beachhead on St. Augustine's Island (WZ3) near the Fitzcarraldo Opera House.  However, Captain Traz Valsk needed to establish Forward Operating Bases across Arbos.  A flight of transport craft from the Cabal of the World Walkers was sent to establish a base on the shores of St. Thaddayus Island (WZ 6).  In their holds were technicians and crews to establish a small airbase and Augur station.  On their way, they were intercepted by Tau aircraft.   

Warzone: 6- St. Agnes Island

Cabal of the World Walkers
1 Hell Blade- Styl'Byk
12 points

1 Hell Blade- Ga'Ven
12 Points

1 Tormentor Bomber- Hwe'vere
16 points

3 Vandals- Bly'k, Ka'aw, By'rrd
5 points each

Total=  43 points

The Graceful Hunters
Barracuda- Ki'ra
+Ace-  Stick Like Glue
+Escape Pod
25 points

Barracuda- H'deo
18 Points

Total= 43 Points


For each Transport Point landed in the 12 by 12 landing area, the Chaos forces score +10 VP.  For each transport point destroyed the Tau earn +10 VP.  The landing zone is a 12 inch by 12 inch saquare a foot away from the opposite board edge.  We added three cloud banks for fun, and they were randomly places at altitudes 3, 4, and 6.   

The Tau came on off center of the board at medium speed and medium height.  The Chaos forces were aimed for the target zone.  The Vandals and Tormentor were at Alt 1 and speed 4, while the Hellblades were flanking at altitude 4 and speed 6.   

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Turn 1:
Initiative: Tau

Barracuda 2 sideslips to provide top cover to his wingman as they drop and move to intercept the Chaos transports.  The Vandals race forward, blasting across the ocean waves.  The Tormentor rises up slightly to cover their approach.  The Hellblades turn in to provide top cover. 


Turn 2:
Initiative: Tau

The two Tau fighters set-up for their attack runs.  Ki'ra in Barracuda 1 was lined up at the hard deck on the incoming transports, and H'deo in Barracuda 2 was at Alt 2 and in a good firing position.  The Vandals began to slow their approach in preparation for their landing runs.  The Tormentor moved in to cover the landing, while the Hellblades dove through the cloud cover and put themselves in the line of fire.     

Both Tau took a long range Ion cannon shot at Hellblade 1, but missed.  The Chaos forces were still too far away.   

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Turn 3:
Initiative: Chaos

Moving: Everyone get stuck on really close as the assault transports try to make the landing zone and the Tau try to intercept. 

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Hellblade 1viffs and snaps a burst of Auto-cannons shells at Ki'ra in Barracuda 1.  Tzeentch must guide his aim as three shots tear into the Tau craft.  Ki'ra successfully ejects as her plane is torn apart around her.  That was a lucky break for the Chaos forces. 

H'deo unloads his forward weapons at the Tormentor, but the elevation difference saves it from being pasted.  The shots fly over the target.  The Burst cannons also fire on the two vandals bracketing him.  But they all fail to find their mark.  13 dice and none hit.  Tzeentch be praised!

The Tormentor's turret returns fire on Barracuda 2, but the shots go wide. 

Turn 4:
Initiative: Chaos 

Technically, this should be the Disengagement turn, but we decide to play ti out and see if I can actually get the Chaos craft into the landing zone.  :)

( (

Vandal 1 and 3 turn back to tighten their formation and prepare to land with Vandal 2.  The Tormentor also lines up on target.  The Barracuda cuts out wide and tries to circle back in, but he may not make it in time.  The Hellblades try to circle in behind, but two is out of position. 

Hellblade 1 unloads a burst at Barracuda 2, but misses as the shots stitch beneath the banking Tau fighter.   The Barracudas starboard Burst cannons automatically fire on the Tormentor, but miss.  The Tormentor returns fire and a few shells scrap across the Barracuda's hull, but leave it undamaged.   

Turn 5:
Initiative: Chaos

The landing craft are set-up for a picture perfect landing in the drop zone.  The Tau pilot uses his fighters slow speed handling to get a nice bead on his targets, but the Hellblades are determined to take him out of the picture. 

( (

Sadly for Barracuda 2, Chaos has the initiative.  Hellblade 2 opens up with a medium range salvo, but his shells only knick the paint on the Tau fighter. 

The Barracuda pilots opens fire with everything he has on the Tormentor.  The big transport begins to blow smoke as the Ion cannon blasts into it and showers sparks as the burst cannons light it up.  However, it is too little too late.   

Hellblade 1 fires on the Tau fighter as close range, and gets good hits, but at the range they simply pierce straight through the Barracuda and fail to hit anything vital. 

Turn 6:
Initiative: Chaos

The Chaos transports successfully land in the target area as their Hellblade escort races by overhead.  Truimph! 

Meanwhile, Barracuda two makes  High-G turn and bugs out.  He is eager to report and get his wing leader Ki'ra picked up by friendlies.

( (

No need to even add up the points.  To be honest, this mission was an uphill climb for the Tau.  They just didn't have enough aircraft and it may have been more even if they had a points bump to start with.   Hellblade 1 and his lucky shot taking out Barracuda 1 before she could fire was a pretty big game changer too. 

Overall a fun time.  I had forgotten how quick and fast a game of AI can be completed.
Title: Re: Battle Report- Intercept Off St. Agnes' Island
Post by: Geep on December 05, 2014, 04:28:16 AM
I like the idea of Aeronautica Imperialis. It's a shame the books are no longer around.
Do you tend to find the rules are well balanced?
I'd really like to be able to work it into a campaign one day, and this scenario would suit campaigns perfectly.
Title: Re: Battle Report- Intercept Off St. Agnes' Island
Post by: Easy e on December 05, 2014, 06:11:14 PM
They core basics are very balanced.  However, some of the "official" squadron lists are pretty sparse.  For example, Chaos Raiders don't even have a transport craft or Ground Defense. 

However, the Airspace Forum has plenty of unofficial aircraft and ground defenses to help fill the gap.

As for finding the rules, they core basics are pretty easy to find on the interwebz.  The core rules are only about 20 pages or so with pictures and diagrams.  :) 
Title: Re: Battle Report- Intercept Off St. Agnes' Island
Post by: Stormwind on December 05, 2014, 06:53:43 PM
It's always great to see a game like AI get a run around!
Title: Re: Battle Report- Intercept Off St. Agnes' Island
Post by: Oathed on December 08, 2014, 04:54:04 AM
Nice work. Now, finding someone to play with is another matter. I might have a lead on a few people around here in the NoVA/DC area of the USA.