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[WM] Warmaster Fantasy Discussion / Re: New player. Shooting tactics?
« Last post by Clawlessdragon on Yesterday at 03:02:02 PM »
As  Dave says, shooting (and magic) is not overpowering in this game... more a means to break up units and hopefully cause confusion.
In addition, as you have to shoot the closest enemy unit, it is very hard to get 2 or 3 units of shooters in range, shooting at the same target (to be effective)... the exception could be Dark Elves and their double shots at close range, or shooters on horseback... as you could fit 3 units on horseback in the space of 1 unit on foot (9 shots instead of 3... or even worse if Dark Elf riders... within 15cm.....3 units = 18 shots)  devistating, if the shots don't kill you, the drive back is most probably send you back over 20cm and therefore kill you anyway.

Those are exceptions, in the main shooting does not much at all, the focus is on hand to hand.

[WM] Warmaster Fantasy Discussion / Re: New player. Shooting tactics?
« Last post by Dave on Yesterday at 11:43:48 AM »
You're not going to be removing stands unless you can arrange it so multiple units are shooting at the same enemy unit. This get's easier to do in the higher point games (more shooters on the table). For the most part though, they're there to break up brigades with drivebacks, confuse the enemy, and, most importantly, shoot support for combats that you will fight (as if they take hits they'll be driven back and won't be support anymore).
[BFG] Discussion / Re: Necrons: Time for an update?
« Last post by Zelnik on Yesterday at 11:21:30 AM »
I did actually read through it... and I am not really impressed by it. Way too much of his changes are based on his own 'feelings' about the Necron fleet and very little on the balancing factors.

To be clear-I do not like changing things from the original setup GW has made. BFG is a VERY well balanced game, and changing it to the extent that he has throws the balance in the blender.

I am looking for more nuanced, subtle changes that keep the original feel of the game.

[GA] xxxQuest / Re: Advanced Heroquest and Heroquest Combined
« Last post by toco on Yesterday at 10:51:34 AM »
You only remove stands from units in combat, so the orcs. That means you have ine less support. However in WM Rev you count support before stand removal.
After a couple of plays I have a question about supporting units.

An unit Empire Halberdeers (with joined Hero) is in combat with one unit of Orcs. This unit of Orcs has a unit of Goblins behind it as support. (So in effect, 3 rows Orcs followed by 3 rows Goblins.)

Now if the Halberdeers inflict enough hits to remove one stand, should I remove one stand of Orcs or one stand of Goblins?
I think it would be one stand of Orcs. Do I remove the back row? Then there's a gap between the Orc unit and Goblin unit. So this would mean the Goblins don't provide support anymore?
I can't remove the front row according to the rulebook.
[WM] Warmaster Fantasy Discussion / New player. Shooting tactics?
« Last post by toco on Yesterday at 07:51:18 AM »
Hi all, I've been playing my first Warmaster battles. 1000 Points.

Now I struggle to see the usefulness of shooting. These units don't do a lot of damage. Can you please tell me how to use shooting units correctly? What are good tactics with shooters? Should I buy a lot of shooting units for them to be useful? One cannon battery seems useless... One Orc rocklobber even more useless...

Thanks already for all instructions.
[BFG] Discussion / Re: Necrons: Time for an update?
« Last post by Bessemer on January 17, 2019, 10:26:18 PM »
Sorry to but in, Ray of the HA posted some experimental rules based on the newer Necron fluff, don't know if you ever knew about these, may be worth a look!

Modeling & painting / Re: [WM] furtive warmastering
« Last post by Stormwind on January 16, 2019, 08:20:17 PM »
Beautiful work!
Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] The Fleets of Enceladus
« Last post by Malika on January 16, 2019, 05:44:39 PM »
Really love those Chaos ships!
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