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Title: [AL] Cathay
Post by: empireaddict on March 31, 2018, 03:37:41 PM
Will be playtesting Cathay in the coming weeks.  Have already played 6 games with the 2009 list.  Initial thoughts:

1) Firelances definitely need more playtesting.
2) Artillery could be a little more imaginative?
3) Spells are a bit limp and the Wizard (ie. the Dragon) is ferociously expensive.

We're going to run them against a variety of armies.  Interested to hear others' experiences if they have any.
Title: Re: [AL] Cathay
Post by: Leonida on March 31, 2018, 08:15:02 PM
I am admired by your miniatures produced, my sincere compliments.

We had already analyzed army list cathay and tested in a couple of fights, I had already thought about some changes to the army list.

Surely I agree with your assertions made about the cathay army list

We had modified the cavalry "Dragon cavalry" by equipping it with Firelance, in the first round of combat in melee applies an armor reduction to a-1 (armor +4 becomes +5) no change to the profile that remained 3/3/5 min / max - / 2 at a cost of 110 pts

We also thought to introduce "Foo statues" units monster three stand 3/3/4 at a cost of 125 pts min / max - / 1 immune a terror

Also, it was thought to introduce Wu jen Ld 7 wizard, with two sphere of spells
Yan and Ying to use alternately

We have also tested units "Bastion Chariots" chariots rules 4/4/5 but with base size 40mmX40mm 140pts, but we have seen that they do not work undergo so much because of the width of the base (taken from the ancient Warmaster)

We had also introduced "terracotta warrior" and "Dragon Monk" units
I hope he can serve you for some suggestions, We have given up army list cathay, we await yours. Thank you so much. Leonida
Title: Re: [AL] Cathay
Post by: Leonida on April 01, 2018, 05:37:10 AM
Inspired by the Cathay army of Warhammer. Good starting point for other Army lists: Estalia, etc.

Title: Re: [AL] Cathay
Post by: toco on May 15, 2018, 09:32:04 AM
Where can I find this updated list?
Title: Re: [AL] Cathay
Post by: Aldhick on May 18, 2018, 07:35:36 AM
Where can I find this updated list?

 There is none at the moment
Title: Re: [AL] Cathay
Post by: empireaddict on June 18, 2018, 10:12:28 AM
Since 2015 I have played a dozen games with Cathay using the 2009 Trial Armies list (still available on the Warmuster site).  And I am now playtesting them more intensively.  My overall impression is that the original list builders did a good job of reflecting the Ancient Chinese troop types but the army struggles to have an impact on opponents.  Yes, Rick's Warmaster site has lots of variants, but I've used the hardcopy published WMA Qin China list as my basic comparator.  Have posted this to give the community a sense of my initial thoughts with a view to feeding into the Rules Committee for consideration next year.

Crossbows | no change edit: same stats as Albion slingers, so ought to be 40 points?
[for fluff reasons the army needs compulsory low status troops]

Dagger Axes | no change
[as above and the Empire Halberdier profile consistent with WMA list]

Dishonoured | no change
[but I still need to playtest the 3 or 4 fanatics option in a 2,000 point list]

Tiger Guards | no change, but same profile as Norse Huscarls, so drop to 100 points.
[thought about increasing to 2 per 1,000 but as they are elite, 1 per 1,000 seems right]

Firelances | change to a 25-point upgrade for any Dagger Axe unit; each stand gains a 15cm shoot. 
[The current iteration is a copy of the Lizardmen Salamanders with 6+ armour for free.  But the problem is that (like Salamanders) the stand has to be in the right place to have any real effect.  And their close-combat attacks reflect Skink stats.  So they don't get used by any Lizardmen players that I know.  This solution is a simpler way of representing the fact that Chinese armies had firelances embedded within some of their infantry units.  And I have also ditched the 360 shoot for simplicity.]

Cavalry | recommend change to Pistolier stats with range 15cm/360 shoot which is consistent with the current 95 points cost.

Chariots | no change. And the current cavalry & chariots min/max are OK given that this needs to be an infantry heavy army.

Triple Bows | change to same stats as Goblin Spear Chukkas, no change to min/max or 65 point cost.

Rocket Launcher | no change to stats, but max 1 per 1,000.
[Suggesting this because 2 per 1,000 would be anomalous in comparison to other WMR armies]

General | no change.

Hero | no change.

Sorcerer | (new entry) 45 points, Cmd 7, no attacks, max 1 per 1,000 (Empire Wizard template).

Celestial Dragon | upgrade option for Sorcerer, 100 points, +3 attacks, becomes Cmd 8, flyer, causes terror, max 1 per 1,000.

Tiger | Delete.  Simplifies mount options.

Elephant | no change.

Chariot | no change.

Sage with Chariot | Recommend same price (30 points), but following change:  The general may have a great sage as an advisor, who rides along with him in his war chariot. The sage is thoroughly versed in the art of war and once per battle the general is allowed to re-roll a failed order with the same modifiers.  If successful, the order is issued and the general can continue ordering.  Additionally, the general's command value is increased to 10 until such time as he fails an order, after which his command value reverts to 9.
[This is similar to the WMA Rus command upgrade and it gives an otherwise unremarkable army a 'special something'.]

SPELLS | no change