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Title: Boarding and Teleport?
Post by: Whiro on July 13, 2017, 11:03:40 AM
Is it legal to make Teleport Attacks with an Ship that Make an Boarding attack this Turn?

We can't find anything against this. The only things you can't do, are shooting and launch Ordnance. No Restriction on Teleport Attacks beside the normal aka Schields down and equal or less Hit Points.

Title: Re: Boarding and Teleport?
Post by: Bozeman on July 13, 2017, 04:34:06 PM
Here is a scenario:

An Imperial Lunar class cruiser (HP8) moves into base contact with a Tau Merchant class cruiser (HP6).  The Imperial player declares a boarding action, so the Lunar may not shoot or launch ordnance.  During the shooting phase, other ships in the Imperial fleet fire on the Merchant, lowering its shields.

Now it's the End Phase.  Boarding actions are specified to be BEFORE damage control or removing blast markers.  Teleport attacks have no specified time in the end phase, so the Imperial player resolves the Boarding Action first, doing one damage to the Tau ship.


Because Boarding Actions specify shooting and ordnance, but not Teleport Attacks, I'd say the Lunar is entitled to take a Teleport Attack against the Merchant.