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Title: Questions about advanced Campaign rules
Post by: Aldaris on September 06, 2014, 01:14:59 PM
I'm preparing a campaign at the moment, and intend to use the advanced campaign rules (the ones here: Now, after reading them a couple of times I'm not entirely certain about one aspect of them: Raids. How exactly is a raid played out with those rules? The Raid order refers to a Raid section below for more details - but there are none concerning Raids themselves, merely on the outcome. So:

1) Assuming it is a planet defended by a fleet of some description: which scenario would be appropriate, and what would be the victory conditions for a successful raid?

2) Assuming the planet is defended by static defense only: would that mean a game being played of attacking fleet vs. defense installations? And if so, would ground based defenses be a factor (meaning, would the attacker need to effect a "landing" in low orbit) or would overwhelming orbital defenses be sufficient for a successful raid?

3) Assuming the planet is uninhabited - the rules have the following to say: "to get their resources...ships must carry out a successful raid against the world for the amount of resources available, this is hardly worth it." That implies to me there is a chance of failure. How?

I hope some of you have actually played campaigns with those rules and can help me out here, because I really want to give them a go!
Title: Re: Questions about advanced Campaign rules
Post by: Aldaris on September 10, 2014, 12:10:52 PM
No takers?
Title: Re: Questions about advanced Campaign rules
Post by: THETriggaHappy on December 08, 2014, 05:16:25 AM
Hello there! I know this is somewhat late (3 months), but I think that some response is better than none. I have read through (but not played with) the rules you mentioned, and they really do nothing to explain what a raid is (although they do cover how to order a raid and what happens when you successfully complete one).

 1) For your first question of which Scenario to use, you can use whatever you want. I am assuming you are the CM and thus can make up whatever you would like. As a suggestion I would say that The Raiders could work, if you extend the turn limit, and add the requirement to land on the planet and/or board any major stations. This does not mean that you need to wipe out the defending ships and defenses or fight the ground troops (wipe out enemy defending AP), but instead come into contact with places that resources are kept (Shipyards, ground facilities) so that you can raid the enemy stockpiles. Overall think a planetary assault mission that is more like a smash-and-grab where you blow a whole in the defenses so you can land and then make off with some loot.

 2) For your second question, I think that if the only thing around to defend the planet are orbital defenses, it makes sense that they are all that stands in the way of the enemy fleet. As I stated above, I do not believe that fighting the ground troops would be necessary, although landing would be.

 3a) For your last question, there is a definite answer. A raid can fail if multiple (hostile) ships try to raid the same planet (even uninhabited ones). If the fleets have the same speed there is a battle to determine who will get to raid the planet. Such a battle can be lost. There is also the fact that uninhabited planets can be the secret tomb world that Necrons are based on, and raiding one can result in an unexpected battle that turns into defeat.

 3b) Also, the reward for raiding an uninhabited planet is 5 resource points, which (from my understanding) is barely worth the time of any ship under your command. It would take 10 successful raids to earn enough resources to build the cheapest escort in the game (the Tau Orca), transporting these goods means another 1+ turns before you can do anything of worth, and a ship (or ships) would be stuck doing this menial task instead of something more productive. There are scenarios where it would make sense to raid an uninhabited planet (a spare transport with nothing better to do), but as a whole they seem to be correct in saying it is not worth the risk.

That is all I can come up with for a response. I hope this helps somewhat, either for the OP or for anyone who comes looking for answers later on.

P.S. I assume you have already come up with your own solution by now, and I would like  to hear what you decided on.