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Title: Commorragh - The Dark City
Post by: Phthisis on February 13, 2011, 09:39:53 PM
Commorragh, like Necromunda, is a hellish hive of scum and villany rife with gang warfare and political backstabbing.  I've always wanted to modify the Necromunda ruleset in order to play out campaigns using gangs of Dark Eldar warriors bickering amongst themselves for wealth, prestige and power.  Now that the new Dark Eldar models are out and their new Codex goes much deeper into what the Dark City is like, I finally feel like there is enough diversity and good information to make this happen.  I've been threatening to do this for years, but it has always seemed like a project too large for one man.  Is anyone else on this board interested in creating such a monster?

Keeping in line with the Dark Eldar fluff, I'd want it to be a particularly brutal system where players can really screw one another over.  I know this is possible in the current Necromunda rules set, but I think that this could be handled a bit more directly when we are dealing with Dark Eldar.  Another thing that I've been thinking about is borrowing heavily from the Mordheim rules because it has a bit more of a gods & clods feel with the seperation between Heros and Henchmen.

Anybody interested in helping me craft this system?
Title: Re: Commorragh - The Dark City
Post by: Dimreapa on February 23, 2011, 05:02:38 AM
I may be able to offer some assistance.  Check your messages inbox.
Title: Re: Commorragh - The Dark City
Post by: Shraider on February 23, 2011, 07:39:22 AM
I can also offer some assistance to this project.
Title: Re: Commorragh - The Dark City
Post by: Phthisis on February 23, 2011, 03:31:10 PM
Hey Dimreapa & Shraider,
Thanks for coming on board!  After a week of waiting for replies I hhad given up hope that anyone else was interested.  I'm very appreciative of your interest ans willingness to help.  I've made several attempts to do this on my own but I haven't ever been happy with my results nor have I had time to finish.  I'm confident that with the three of us alone, we can accomplish this, but more help would definately be welcome.
Lets just dive in, shall we?

My concept for this game is basically a modification to the basic Mordheim ruleset with a big helping of Necromunda mixed in.  This should be a viscious struggle to the top where you have to screw your friends over in order to get ahead. The reason I picked the Mordheim ruleset as the base is because I feel it is more streamlined and every 40k player is already familiar with it.  Also, I like the heros/henchmen distinction in gang selection.  I think the gods & clods mentality fits with the Dark Eldar.  Out of Necromunda, I like the pinning mechanic when a warrior gets hit with shooting.  Also it wouldn't be Dark Eldar without poisons and drugs.  Also, as this is a game representing kabals struggling within Commorragh for territory and superiority I favor the territories mechanic over the hunting mechanic of Mordheim.  I'd like to stick with existing rulesets and mechanics as much as possible just to keep from breaking already well designed and extensively playtested systems.  No need to reinvent the wheel.
Before we get into revising charts and gang creation, I feel that we need to find a decent currency system.  Slaves are the obvious choice but I hesitate to use them fkr two reasons.  First, slave gathering would pretty much require a hunting mechanic like finding wyrdstone in Mordheim and I'm not sure thats a mechanic I want to use instead of territories.  Second, I have plans for using slaves as buffs through Power From Pain and the high number of slaves that their use as a currency would require would make it too easy to buff the whole warband.  Any thoughts on this, our first order of business?
Title: Re: Commorragh - The Dark City
Post by: Dimreapa on February 23, 2011, 05:29:23 PM
Well I think first order of business is to get as much written down as possible on what rules you plan to use for what, so that we know what we're playing with.

I'll need to have a look over Mordheim again (been a while since I played it, a long while) and see what we're looking at.

I'm fairly sure we can come up with something, although I would think that Hunting would make a bit more sense than territories, as that's what Dark Eldar do.

However, first order of business is if you can give us as much as possible to go on, and we'll make a start!