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full elf fleet
« on: March 27, 2016, 04:36:59 AM »
finally finished my high elf hawks enough to play a full game.  played a 1k point game between high elf and Nurgle fleets.   

Elves even summoned a sea dragon!  In the end I ran out of abandoned markers and had to just make due without.

fleet lists were as followed
2 hawkships
1 eagle rider
2 dragons
high mage


2 plagueships
death galley of nurgle
plague crushers
bane tower of tzeencht

here is the jist,  no terrain was rolled successfully to change into chaos terrain  :(
the game started very badly for the high elves as the wind changed direction with a roll of 1 for both for the first initiative, the elves were mostly stranded in the water at that point but would allow the high mage to try and cast some magic before scrambling to find their way into position despite the wind.  Cant remember if anything notable happened due to magic before the fleets met.  The tower of tzeencht was attacked by the hawk riders for nothing more than 1 crew due to defensive fire but then finished off by a dragon rider.  The blood ship was left behind because of the damned sphere crystal of power.  After the entire elf fleet moved out of the way, the high mage casted a spell to change the winds direction  to start turn 3 and the dragonship took off straight ahead.

The dragon ship was able to put some moves together and slice through 1 death galley, all three were quickly destroyed and sunk.  The hawkships fought poorly against the plague ships on the flank but with the help of the dragons they managed to make it around and keep a few ships alive to harass the plagueships late into the game.  The bloodship made 2 moves in a row despite the sphere and moved some crew onto the tower and got that back into the game.  It harassed the dragonship while it moved into position to the nurgle fleets right flank.  a pestilent flies spell brought it down to only 2 crew left and was no match in a boarding action against a plague ship but as those were the only 2 ships left doing anything they had to try.  Meanwhile, a dragon left the tower abandoned at the center of the table again.

So the final push.....
A sea dragon brought the nurgle lord's ship down to nothing and with the 2 remaining hawkships nearly there all crew possible went to his aid.  The last 2 plague crushers moved their crew to the ship while a dragon, a sea dragon and magic kept it fighting for their lives.  Finally though the last plagueship was about in position to make a boarding action on the dragon ship that was stuck 2 turns away from making a difference because of the crawling flesh spell.  With the immenent danger of the dragon ship gone the 1 good plague ship went to aid his lord instead of going for the possible kill of the elf admiral aboard his weakened dragonship (2 crew plus admiral defending against 3 chaos warrior).  As luck would have it the crawling flesh spell was dissipated and once again the dragon ship flew into battle catching up the final nurgle ship left effective, failed to slice through it but before the plague ship could board next turn with initiative the high mage made it crash into an abandoned hawkship 4 inches away with the blizzard spell.  The ship instead used its initative to move its crew onto the once again abandoned lord's ship.  The High elf admiral was fuming now and with the wind at his back sailed straight ahead, cutting through both plagueships and slaying the lord among the wreckage.

I love this game because it almost always ends with a high note, something awesome happening.  Like a dragon ship slicing through 2 ships in 1 phase.  Most games just end.  Ha!

35 to 14 BH's.
lots of ships left abandoned in the end.

Oh and those are my home made cards as well so this was a learning experience with chaos magic for me as well as just playing a full 1k fleet for the first time ever.  Oh and my redesigned elf mage template and markers and cards also!  :)

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Re: full elf fleet
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2016, 03:05:25 PM »
I always wanted a high elf fleet when I was a little 'un, warms my heart to see a fleet in action. =)
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Re: full elf fleet
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2016, 12:45:15 AM »
It only warms your heart because the elves won. :P. I have certainly enjoyed putting these fleets together as well as learning all i have about the game. Im kind of glad i missed this game when it was first release or else i might not have wanted to really try and start it up.

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Re: full elf fleet
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2016, 10:36:10 AM »
Very nice... I'd prefer more pictures and more close ups thought :-)
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Re: full elf fleet
« Reply #4 on: March 29, 2016, 01:01:39 PM »
took these this morning getting ready for work, not the best now that I am posting them  :)

the only thing I didn't have for the battle above were the templates for the hawks but with one wound for them I didn't think I would need it.

I made them last night as well as 12 more abandoned markers for the tabletop and the templates.