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[WM] Battlereports / Re: Empire vs Grimgor's 'Ardboyz
« Last post by industrialtrousers on February 14, 2019, 10:25:56 PM »
They'd scratchbuilt from the styrene stuff from under some shop bought pizza from a lazy Sunday evening supper. There's some green stuff edging and tooth picks in there as well. The roof tiles and stonework are just brio with a bit of extra sculpting tool on the roof to enhance the definition. They aren't difficult to make. Just time.

[WM] Battlereports / Re: Empire vs Grimgor's 'Ardboyz
« Last post by David Wasilewski on February 14, 2019, 06:28:37 PM »
Good game. Thanks for posting. Where did you get the houses from? They're very "Empir-ey" (new word). Or are they scratch built?

Modeling & painting / Re: [WM] Nurgle demons.
« Last post by empireaddict on February 14, 2019, 06:12:56 PM »
Wow. Fantastic work.
[BFG] Discussion / Re: The INVICTA FIDEM - Dreadnought Rules help.
« Last post by Zelnik on February 14, 2019, 04:14:14 PM »
Space hulk rules I believe
I had another read of the Tyranids, too, and had some thoughts about it and Bessemer's offerings.
Naming/List Organisation
- I was a little confused by the previous naming of ships (particularly using 'Kraken' in background text for both Drones and Carnivores) but I'm not sure if the new version works better for me. 
- Part of the problem is that a few different things are being conveyed at the same time: synapse versus non-synapse ships, attack versus defence ships, and ship species lineages. I think the old layout made those clearer. Anyways, I suggest there could be improvements here, whichever way it goes!
- I think it’s very useful having an overarching name for all those ships between Hive Ships and escorts.
- Do the lineage relationships need to be in the names at all? If they're that important, perhaps they should be part of list design (e.g. take so many escorts, get availability of light bioships of the same lineage)? They could also be mentioned in the background material somewhere instead.
-  Whilst useful, the Adult/Larval/protoform/bioship distinctions feel too wordy to me (plus there's the implication that Leviathan Prowlers turn into Hive Ships, so are they really adults?).
- I actually would prefer calling ‘adults’ ‘prowlers’, I think. It would also be nice if 'drone' was in there somewhere again (and familiar for old-schoolers).
 - I wonder if the names of 'Behemoth' and 'Guardian' should be swapped, since 'Behemoth' suggests something big (and escort drones are not).
 - There are a few cases of old names leftover from the renaming (e.g. Guardian options box).
 - At the very least, I think that the background text for Carnivores should only contain the word 'kraken' at the beginning and should refer to Carnivores elsewhere! This was the most confusing thing in the document for me.
Pheromone Rage Attack Rating
- I understand the low points cost of PR considering its value, but is a bit of a meaningless choice when it's so cheap (unless it significantly changes list building in a way I don't see)?
 - To make it more meaningful, perhaps it could be absorbed into the fleet rating for different Tyranid fleet lists? Or perhaps it could be turned into an upgrade for the 'command' hive ship (perhaps combining it with the Charybdis 'alpha synapse node' upgrade. Could be used for the Gestating Hive Fleet if only the 'command' Scylla was supposed to have Ld 8?).
Hive Ships and Scyllas
- It might be useful to have a '1 command hive ship' choice (1 Proteus or 1 Charybdis) in the Hive Fleet list.
- In the Hive Fleet, having Scyllas in their own section is a bit confusing when they take up an 'attack ship slot' (perhaps this is a leftover-typo?). Is there any reason that they can't be in the 'primary hive ships' section ? (Obviously, this would be renamed if changed).
- The Synapse leadership of Scyllas is different in the Gestating List to the Hive Fleet list. Is there a more elegant way of doing this than just having two different leadership values?
Instinctive Behaviour
- I agree with Bessemer that the flowchart looks complicated. I think condensing it into a table would actually make it significantly faster for a brain to process.
 - I quite like the idea of Instinctive Behaviour because of the trade-off between free Special Orders and not being able to control your ships as well as normal. Perhaps there's a way to simplify it but still keep some of the 'makes sense' (like 'don't fly into Warp Rift!') bits?

As always, merely humble suggestions!
@Fro5ty I was hoping you’d pop back in! So much for my pessimistic predictions :P

@Gothmog LoB ‘Fortunately’, it seems we who play BFG in the 41st Millennium will have a while to wait before any new GW BFG reaches us—as far as I’ve seen, the plan is for a Heresy BFG. It will be interesting to see which rules direction they go in.

@(More generally) I’m interested to see what new directions people take the BFG core rules after this ‘first edition’ of BFG:XR is done.
Glad to see it still going too. Hopefully we finish our respective projects before GW makes a new game!
THANKS! I'll look into all those. If you can add their source, that would be most helpful.

The Viper scout is renamed the Python in the ASC 2.0 to avoid confusion with the Viper destroyer in BFG:R

The merchants and galleons are covered by the Navis Mercantilis modular ship creator for the most part, but I'll check and see if those should be picked up as variant enough. It just comes down to time and effort really.
Stuff that could be added:

Ambition class Cruiser
Lathe class Monitor Cruiser
Secutor class Monitor Cruiser
Viper class Scout
Carrack class Star Galleon
Exchequer class Merchant Trader
Wolf class Raider
Scourge class Frigate (Probably 6+ armour)
Bastion class Defence Monitor (system defence ship)
Ignis class Heavy Cruiser
Kali class Fast Attack Cruiser
The Tribune
All the stuff from the HH series (Some have rules already, but it'd be awesome to have them fixed and put here)

Yu'Vath Void Wasp
Yu'Vath The Whisperer

I'll look out for more stuff that's referenced and post it here
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