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Warmaster Revolution / Re: [AL]Wood Elves
« Last post by toadie on Today at 06:52:59 AM »
Please consider bringing back the Forest Dragon into the next version of the WE army list so it can be playtested, rather than just simply removing it.

About the whole free wood thing, could instead one of the WE spells create a wood which would remain in play and casting wizard cannot cast it again?  It would mean to get a 'free' wood, WE would have to take a wizard, wizard has to successfully cast the spell without it being dispelled, it would use up a spell, etc?

[BFG] Discussion / Re: Dark Eldar Discussion
« Last post by AJCHVY on Yesterday at 11:54:42 PM »
So, my 2 cents for what has been discussed so far.

Changing the slave taking VP could be a neat way for DE to have an incentive to board and HnR, but I felt the way it is currently done is a simple enough solution. Regarding the slave taking during a HnR, you are only getting VPs and not hurting the enemy vessel so its a choice of damage or points. And for boarding, there is a chance you lose the fight and therefore don't get any points.

The mimic engine is clearly a problem, as the "you have to wait until I attack you" is not a good way to go about it. I like the -4ld check to see them, but my issue with that is, if a ship gets discovered turn one, it can get blasted apart by the enemy before it gets to do anything other than Brace. I like the idea of DE having to pounce, do damage, and then leave quickly before a counterattack. That's how they play in 40k and they should reflect that in BFG.

Also, being able to re-mimic should not be a thing.

What if the mimic engine was a bonus to shadowfield, but you could always shoot at DE. They could get a bonus to the shadowfield save based on range, and if an enemy ship passes a -4 or more ld check, that ship loses the mimic engine bonus. This way there can still be alpha strikes, as the DE could choose to not Brace and be locked on or ready to fire ordnance when they get in close.

Also, while the idea of a power from pain ability is cool, it leads to rules bloat. Look at the Nid and Ork fleets, they are on the verge of having too many abilities/rules, I'd rather not add DE to that list.
One thing I noticed regarding the ork fleet. It says that with a looted vessel, you change all lances to zzap guns, attack craft, and nova cannons to killcannons.

Do you change torpedoes? This will only matter with Tau torpedoes, as they have unique rules.

I thought it would be cool if the orks got access to the special tau torpedoes, but only get 1 shot then back to normal torps.
Lovely. I'd better get something knocked out shortly. There's a bunch of beastmen in the works. Should have a couple of units done shortly. They'll be rank and file paint jobs (like most of my stuff) but at least you won't be on your Tod.
Modeling & painting / Re: Warmaster Beastmen Project
« Last post by industrialtrousers on Yesterday at 10:25:44 PM »
Have a look at Magister Militum. I've got some of these and they are at least on par with pendraken and offer some variation.

Modeling & painting / Re: [WM] Black Gate Armoured Ogres & Cannoneers
« Last post by marell le fou on Yesterday at 10:24:47 PM »
Yeah, the savage horde aspect is really here. Nice job.
Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] My BFG wip
« Last post by marell le fou on Yesterday at 10:24:15 PM »
Oh. Really... Strange :)
Trades & Services / WTB: Warmaster Forest goblins
« Last post by Flogger on Yesterday at 05:04:41 PM »
If you have a single unit, even a single strip of these guys, please let me know!

The spider riders are also of interest!
Modeling & painting / Re: Warmaster Beastmen Project
« Last post by Gunslinger76 on Yesterday at 03:21:18 PM »

Not sure how easy they would be to source in the US but take a look at Ral Partha beastmen. Scale is between the Eureka ogre and minotaur. Got some today and very pleased. Ill mix then with ogres for my bestigor units.

As you're in the U.S. Blindhorizons' suggestion of Microworld is bang on. I haven't got any of these as the shipping is a bit pricey to go for a small order and if they're not right and I've gone large.... Beastkin brutes look like they might be a starter for herd kin as well.

Thanks for adding those links! I'll need to look into them a little closer. As of right now, I think I'll be using the old Khorne Daemon Horde for the beastherd, and the Eureka minis for the bestigors. I need to put in an order w Pendraken for the herdkin.

That order from Pendraken should round out the army for now so I'll be able to get painting and basing. Maybe I'll even get motivated enough to join June's ToEP!

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Thanks Stormwind.

We're nearing the half-way point at 211% funded. Four more days left for anyone else who's interested.
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