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[BFG] Discussion / Re: Q'orl Swarmhood
« Last post by Lotus on Today at 04:56:45 AM »
Zugriffsanfrage verschickt - bin gespannt.
Warmonger Miniatures / Re: Canonball!
« Last post by marell le fou on Yesterday at 09:25:09 PM »
Both are really really nice. I think everybody will be satisfied with this set.
Warmonger Miniatures / Re: Canonball!
« Last post by forbes on Yesterday at 07:58:20 PM »
Like the new more gallopery barrel.

And the big gun, is suitably big!

Looking good.
Warmonger Miniatures / Re: Canonball!
« Last post by Dave on Yesterday at 06:02:25 PM »
Nearly there. Any final thoughts?

Trades & Services / Re: [necro] Necromunda Van Saar gang
« Last post by ale_box on Yesterday at 11:16:28 AM »
Still available, looking for 50€ + shipment
[WM] Warmaster Fantasy Rules Questions / Re: Gotch ya' spell question
« Last post by cjbennett22 on March 19, 2018, 07:14:40 PM »
that makes better sense.  I wanted to try using an "X" pattern with my orc and goblin shaman's just over the weekend and realized the problem with the overlapping lines, I got them both off but had to drastically change my strategy after realizing the double target units.

So the spell could still be casted and draw a line over units from a previous spell but you just ignore the unit when rolling for hits.....makes sense.

Thank you all.
[BFG] Discussion / Re: Q'orl Swarmhood
« Last post by horizon on March 19, 2018, 06:05:52 PM »
Hey Lotus,

thanks to Schwager we have this for you:

Trades & Services / WTB: [WM] Araby Units
« Last post by gennarrow on March 19, 2018, 03:53:47 PM »
i'm looking for a little lot of araby units for a painting project, possibly without spending a fortune (i.e. insane ebay prices). In particular i would like to buy:

1 x Spearmen
1x Bowmen   
1x Guards   
1X Knights   
1X Desert Riders   
1x Camel Riders   
1x Magic Carpets   
1x Elephants   

I prefer Paypal payments


Other Games / Men of Bronze- Battle fo Crius- Ionian Revolt
« Last post by Easy e on March 19, 2018, 03:04:45 PM »

Herodotus tells us a great deal about the Ionian Revolt.  Ionia was Greek colonies along the coast and edges of Turkey that had been captured and absorbed into the Persian Empire around 540 B.C.E.  In 499 B.C.E the Tyrant of Miletus, Aristagoras; failed to capture the island of Naxos.  This left him in a bad political position with his Persian overlords.  In a desperate bid, he decided to stir revolt amongst his people against the Persians.  This led many other local cities to cast off their Persian based Tyrants and replace them with Democracies.

The Ionian Revolt had initial success in 498 B.C.E. when the allied Greek forces (including Athens, Eretria, and Ionians) managed to successfully attack Sardis.  Sardis was the seat of a Persian Satrap and one of the personal enemies of Aristagoras.  However, this minor victory was soon off-set by the Battle of Ephesus where Persian cavalry chased down and defeated the Greek forces.

Despite the loss, the revolt spread further.  It spread to the Hellespont and Propontis.  The city of the Carians also joined the revolt.  In addition, Cyprus also revolted.  Persian rule was in danger across the region, it was only a matter of time before the might of the Persian army would respond.

In 497 B.C.E., The Persian King had three generals appointed to put down the revolt.  The three Persians (Daurises, Hymaees, and Otanes) divided the area into three partitions and attacked.  Their attacks spread across the region.  The battles and sieges for this period are largely unknown, with only a few details of the battles coming down to us from archeology and Herodotus.

Today’s battle will be one of those lost battles.  Hymaees marched to the Propontis and attacked the city of Cius.  Historically, he took the city.  However, no details remain.  Below I will be fighting a battle between the Persian general Hymaees and the defenders of the City of Cius.  For the purposes of this battle, the citizen militia has come out of the city to fight off the Persian force. 

The Forces
No details remain for the fall of the city of Cius.  We only know that Hymaees took the city with his army while his fellow Persians attacked in other areas.  Therefore, I will be using some standard armies from the Greek and Persian lists.  The exact details of the true armies are not available.

3 Militia Hoplites
2 Peltasts
1 Archer Unit
1 Psiloi

3 Archer Units
3 Drilled Infantry Unit
1 Psiloi

This is equal points in the system and should prove an interesting game.

This battle will be on a 6x4 board with both forces deployed on the long table edges.  The Greeks on the North side with the Persians coming from the South.  The Western edge of the battlefield is anchored on a river.  The Eastern edge has the ruins of a temple sacked by the marauding Persian recon troops.  The river is Dangerous terrain while the temple is Difficult.   

The Greeks of Cius to the North have anchored there right flank to the river.  They deployed across the battlefield in a battle line 6 base widths in.  From right to left the units are; psiloi, archers, the 3 militia hoplites in phalanx are the core, then the 2 peltast units deployed across from the temple.  The Persians face off against the Greeks also anchoring their left flank on the river banks.  They are deployed alternating archers and drilled infantry, with the Persian right being anchored by Psiloi light troops across from the temple.   

You can read the full details and final results of the battle here:
[WM] Warmaster Fantasy Rules Questions / Re: Gotch ya' spell question
« Last post by Geep on March 19, 2018, 01:47:29 PM »
I think the 'target' for Gotcha is the casting Shaman- if successful you draw the line from them and resolve its effects.

Aldhick is right though- no unit can ever suffer/benefit from the same spell twice in a magic phase. If a unit has already been affected by Gotcha (even if taking no hits) then any subsequent Gotcha spells that turn ignore that unit. Your line can pass over it, but you don't roll for more damage or drive back. Similarly for Waaagh- once it has been successfully cast the unit can't be affected again. I guess you could technically target it and try to cast the spell again, but there'd be no reason to- nothing would happen if you succeeded.
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