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The Destroyers are in!

Backed, despite this blasted smart phone. Just looked and its only a few quid short of the first 500! Impressive, well done Barry!
Thanks everyone.

I am really excited about this set of releases. My sculptor Robi is promising great things.

Even if we get to 1,000, that would mean the core of an army would be available including a set of characters.

After running the first Kickstarter, I can see why manufacturers stayed away from Ogres. The number and cost of sculpts involved makes it virtually impossible to produce them. I can only afford to do it because I am dealing with the production myself and making no profit at this stage. Maybe one day in the future :)

Anyway, enough chatter. The 2nd Kickstarter is now live and you can find it at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackgateminiatures/10mm-ogre-mammoth-riders-from-black-gate-miniature

Please back it if you can and spread the word around any smaller Warmaster communities that you may be a part of.

Edit 2: Hmmm. If the Early Bird people throw in 24, that'd be 2 units of cavalry and 1 unit for characters. More importantly, 50 x 24 = 1200, nicely over the second goal and letting folks switch their order to 2 cavalry and 1 foot character pack later on.  ;D ;D

I'll be pledging 10 for a unit, 10 for the character pack, and then 32 for four units of Ogre Warriors (I misjudged using the older Ogre units with the newer ones - no way! - and only got two units of regular Warriors. I need six for 2000 points!). So 52 from me.
[WM] Warmaster Fantasy Rules Questions / Re: some siege rules questions
« Last post by Lex on Today at 10:15:48 AM »
What the rules actually don't cover is what would happen whe the two units draw. Where to fall back? Can attacker fall back down the ladders?

With an attacker needing to work hard to gain the ramparts I would suggest that a DRAW end combat, but assumes combat is again resolved in the next turn.
[WM] Warmaster Fantasy Rules Questions / Re: some siege rules questions
« Last post by Aldhick on Today at 10:04:52 AM »
back to my original question  :)

1 stand up on the wall as can fit in between 2 defenders, 2 stands down below waiting to climb the ladders.  opponents turn, the 2 flanking lines of infantry that didn't cover the wall entirely uses initiative to attack both sides of the men that snuck on.  The 1 stand loses but with no casualties, do they go back down their ladder?  Or do they go left or right, their choice and in doing so, lose the stand on the wall as a retreat would bring it into contact with an enemy stand?

The rules only state, that the attacker's unit defeated on ramparts is automatically destroyed as it has nowhere to retreat. In this situation I'd apply it on the stands (same as in normal combat). So the stand already on the ramparts is destroyed and the remaining stands below the wall will retreat from the wall.

What the rules actually don't cover is what would happen whe the two units draw. Where to fall back? Can attacker fall back down the ladders?
Hello guys,

Without a very clear estimation of all that, i have listed most of the stuff on ebay.

Fellow forum members, and those who have helped for id, if you are interested you can contact me and we will manage something.

At worst, you may bid and i will give you a discount but we will try to do that better ;)
Modeling & painting / Re: [Bretonnie] Hero on hypogryph
« Last post by marell le fou on Yesterday at 11:29:38 PM »
Thanks all ! Your comments are motivating.

I have changed the first front sections i had put at first. They where my very first attempt and i have changed to a better technic now.

I may re make this one. I like the triangular end i have added but the movement is not very visible. Wind of the movement should inflate it more than that.

It's addictive isn't it?

I had not spotted the thing but... You're damn right ! That is exactly the word. Addictive ! Plenty of projects in my head (again...). So few time to build them !

Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] currently Chaos test
« Last post by marell le fou on Yesterday at 11:26:28 PM »
I like the unusual chosen colors ! Nice agressive aspect.
Another thought I had regarding Orks and the points of some of their upgrades.

I know we went over the various clans and their bonuses, and for the most part we have figured out decent rules for them. Going over them again, I like the Goffs rules, but all the others seem to be missing something. Either 20 points for a clan is too much, or the clan bonuses need to be changed. Not sure how many people are checking this thread, as it seems my last question was not answered but here are my ideas.

Either make all the clan bonuses 10 points or;
Goffs: leave as is
Evil Suns: +5Spd and +1d6 AAF
Bad Moons: possibly a free left column shift instead of the free re-roll, the re-roll boss upgrade only costs 10 points so why take bad moons over that.
Deathskullz: I almost like the deathskullz bonus, but it needs to be clear whether or not escorts can take looted torpedoes and if they receive the same +1/-1 crit rule. This would allow them to only take a hit and run crit on a 5+ with no bonus.
Blood Axes: I do like the +1 Ld bonus, but I think it should be 10 points for blood axes. Only affecting 1 ship unless you take an 60-80 point boss is not enough of a bonus, especially as orks are always at -1 to their Ld anyway.
Snakebites are free so they are fine as well.

I'm really liking the changes to the ork fleet, they feel like a competitive fleet now except for when I'm facing nids  :-\
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