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Warmaster Revolution / Raise Dead issue
« Last post by Aldhick on Today at 07:38:28 PM »
For those who don't follow the discussion on FB, I'm opening the issue here as well. Also FB is not suitable for this kind of discussions and one loses track quickly there.

After the tournamet the swedish guys came with a "complain" that the Raise Dead grew significantly stronger under WMR combat system. And it is very well true. I must admit, being TK player myself,  I failed to spot that, but now it's quite clear.

It is the obligation you have to direct the attack to the foront which allows the raised unit to avoid being targeted as a easy-to-kill target. Furthermore, now when the supporting units are part of the combat, it gives the TK/VC player wider possibilities to place raised units.

This is a matter of fact, but it may be up to endless discussions, wheter it is unbalancing or not.

Much bigger problem was uncovered at the same time. The spell allowes one to mess quite a bit with the combat system. The problem is following: When a brigade of two lines of infantry is charged to the front (so the rear line is supporting the front one) and the raised unit is created so it only touches the supporting unit, this unit cease to be supporting and therefore is no longer part of the same combat and we end up with two separate combats before a single dice is rolled. This is something totally against the intention of the original spell and it is a serious reason to amend it.

So the proposition so far to solve the problem is the obligation that the raised unit has to touch the friendly unit already engaged in combat.

Once ready the amendment will be presented on WMR web in Q & A section as a trial rule so people can playtest it.
cheers for the heads up dave, looking promising.

Trades & Services / Re: WTB: WM high elf chariot and bolt thrower unit
« Last post by Dave on Yesterday at 11:09:17 AM »
There's a free BT on the FB trade group, oosted on the 9th.
Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] - Designing new ship types - 3d printing madness
« Last post by Malika on November 10, 2018, 12:27:25 PM »
Coming soon...

After a bit of a delay I have finally sent the little Felis stealth ship off to the casters, ETA in store would be end of the month with luck.

Events / Re: UK Warmaster Tournies 2019
« Last post by empireaddict on November 10, 2018, 10:49:13 AM »
@Apoc ...
The standard tournament game is 2,000 points. Paul Winter is running the event and this one will be standard.
Events / Re: UK Warmaster Tournies 2019
« Last post by Apocolocyntosis on November 09, 2018, 09:11:03 PM »
BonesCon in February is confirmed.

I'd be keen to attend this to get my first game of WM on a table – are there any more details? (points, no of games etc – never been to a WM event before)
Modeling & painting / Re: Modelling bits for 3d printing
« Last post by marell le fou on November 08, 2018, 07:35:45 PM »
If you insist !! :D
Trades & Services / WTT Warmaster many units
« Last post by Void_dragon on November 08, 2018, 11:14:52 AM »
Hi everyone,

I’ve got some spare WM units that I would like to trade for other units that I am missing. If you see anything that you are interested in, please feel free to get in touch! 8)

I would prefer to trade, but would consider selling as a back up option.

Daemon Horde of Slaanesh x2
Daemon Horde of Khorne
Empire Knights Panther x2
Empire Carts
Empire Crew Pack x2
Araby Djinn
Araby Knights
Araby Guards x2
Araby Elephants x2
Araby Hero on Elephant
Araby Characters x2
Araby Bowmen x4
Araby Spearmen x4
Chaos Characters
Chaos Marauders x3
Chaos Mounted Marauders
Chaos Warriors x2
Chaos Spawn
Skaven Characters
Skaven Warp Lightning Cannons
Vampire Counts Fell Bats x2
Kislev Bears x2
Kislev War Wagons x2
Kislev Characters
Kislev Horse Archers
Lizardmen Skinks
Lizardmen Terradons x2
Lizardmen Hero on Carnosaur
Lizardmen Cold One Riders
Lizardmen Slann on Planquin
Lizardmen Salamanders

Bretonnian Characters
Bretonnian Knights
Bretonnian Peasants
Dwarf Crew Pack
Empire Characters
Empire Siege Tower
Savage Orc Infantry
Savage Orc Boar Riders
Giant (Bearded Variant)
Undead Skeletons
Undead Giant Scorpion
Undead Crew Pack
Undead Carts
Vampire Counts Zombies
Vampire Counts Dire Wolves
Siege Bombard
Siege Accessories
Casualty Marker F
Forgeworld “Cargo”
Forgeworld Dwarf Airship
Forgeworld Dwarf Zeppelin
Forgeworld Small Bridge
Forgeworld Stone Bridge
Trades & Services / WTB: WM high elf chariot and bolt thrower unit
« Last post by Apocolocyntosis on November 08, 2018, 09:31:24 AM »
per title, looking to buy 1 unit of WM high elf chariots,1 unit of high elf bolt throwers.
(Also after chaos characters on foot)

Painted is fine as long as its with something easy to strip.
I'm in the UK for postage.

(I realise I don't have many posts here, but im apocolocyntosis on spec arm's epic taccom sister forum, if that helps with trade confidence)
Modeling & painting / Re: Modelling bits for 3d printing
« Last post by Malika on November 07, 2018, 04:32:09 PM »
Over at Vanguard people felt the windows were either too big, or not next to the doors enough. I should do an interior shot to show the concept of these buildings better...
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