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Modeling & painting / Re: Modelling bits for 3d printing
« Last post by Malika on Today at 06:57:54 PM »
[Epic] Epic Armageddon & Epic 40K Discussion / Re: 3mm Epic proxies
« Last post by Malika on Today at 06:57:11 PM »
Update on the 3mm front:
Dominion is now released in store as a free downloadable PDF.

Instructions on how to download are noted with the product description, follow the link below.


We are already working on an expansion supplement which will add additional elites forces as well as introducing the Cybershadows to the game with their Stalker contingents.

The Novan Regulars will be joining the fight as soon as we can get production rolling.

understood malika... been awhile since I checked here so I just wondered If I missed anything...
great news about the ordnance! buzzin' for those! this work is outstanding
Expect the ordnance to be out soon, can't give you a clear ETA yet...all depends on Vanguard.

As for the station, I haven't been able to find the time and energy to cut up the model for easier casting. Will try to do that once I have a bit more time and motivation.

In the meantime, the Novan Elites will be getting a new Frigate 'soon' (depends on when they'll be printed and cast of course)...
I just noticed these new prints are metal! (serves me right for looking at them on a smartphone without glasses on!) does this mean they'll be in vanguard's catalogue soon?.

also what ever (if anything) happened about vanguard doing the station you designed. there were casting issues last I asked I believe?
Sweeeet!  you're inspiring me to go put paint on me own small craft.
Thanks! I feel like I'll be needing some Inspiration as well eventually, I got so much BFG stuff to paint! xD
Sweeeet!  you're inspiring me to go put paint on me own small craft.
Well, now I have about 150 assorted small craft to paint but I'm taking a few small steps at least!

Ooh nice! Now get them painted!
Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] My BFG wip
« Last post by Jehan-Reznor on Yesterday at 06:56:34 AM »
Finished the Firestorm Armada fleet

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