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Modeling & painting / Re: Toy's n' That....
« Last post by Lord Borak on Today at 01:16:52 PM »
Cheers for the reply OSJC.

I'm thinking that it would make more sense to have the shoulder pad and, yeah, it does help keep the classic marine shape but I just like the way it looks!! So I'm pretty much set on keeping it 'as is'. I'm still thinking about the knee pad. Maybe I will.......... Maybe I wont. :/

As for the Chapter, I'd rather not have an existing Chapter. Especially one as renowned as the Storm Giants. The theory behind this chap is that he's an ambassador for a newly formed chapter that is trying to create links and strengthen ties with other Imperial factions.

I want to add a darker twist to his role though. I'm thinking of the marine chapter suffering massive casualties during an inter-civil war (potentially heretical or geneseed debasement). So whilst he is out there trying to obtain more geneseed and gear he's also trying to cover up (even assassinate) people that are questioning or digging into the Marines sudden loss of numbers.

Warmaster Revolution / Re: [AL]Wood Elves
« Last post by Aldhick on Today at 11:52:28 AM »
Look, the list is still under testing and I still await some feedback from other players around the world. If they are gonna support what you say, it will be definitely taken into account. At the moment you are the only one seeing the situation so grim. Will check the spell clarifications. Cheers.
Warmaster Revolution / Re: [AL]Wood Elves
« Last post by Leonida on Today at 08:27:14 AM »
forget it
Warmaster Revolution / Re: [AL]Wood Elves
« Last post by Aldhick on Today at 08:11:52 AM »
Yes, this is Light cavalry concept from the Warmaster Ancienst.

So you would like to apply this concept (including different basing) on WE cavalry? Are you sure of the consequences?
Warmaster Revolution / Re: [AL]Wood Elves
« Last post by Leonida on Today at 07:49:27 AM »
On the official website of Ricks Warmaster - rules updates, there is the list of the armies of Fantasy Mongol: Gareth Hobson, in which the ligth cavalry (WE Glade Riders) has this rule:

Light cavalry; "Light cavalry is based on the long side rather than on the short and can be turned 360 degrees to the full range.The light cavalry can enter difficult terrain in the same way as the infantry, but can never count as defense or fortified". It can be an idea. Thank you


Xcal, there's an error in the Ork Hammer class Battlekroozer options. It says you may equip its Deff Kannon with looted torpedoes when it should be Kustom Kannon.

I think you have an older version. The one in the current link looks correct to me. Which page did you mean?


P.S. A word to everybody that's helped out and contributed thus far:

In "official" news regarding the project, I'm sad to say that the current hiatus may extend indefinitely. I'm not going to give up on the project just yet, but it's been very difficult for me to make time to work on it. BFG is, quite unfortunately, a defunct game - one that I haven't been able to play regularly since most of my friends moved away (and moved on with their lives). As a result, it's become hard to stay motivated. (At least, it is hard to choose to stay home and work on BFG:XR, which I cannot play, when I can drive out to my FLGS and play X-Wing or hop on Discord and play TTRPGs).

So for now I've decided to put the whole thing in standby for the time being. I know this isn't really great to hear, and I definitely should have made an announcement sooner. If there are issues with the existing books that can be fixed easily (aka typos, formatting problems, errors, etc) I'll still be around to take a look. But I probably won't work on any major balancing changes for the foreseeable future. (I'm keeping all my notes however, so don't worry about ideas getting lost).

Lastly I just want to say thanks to everyone that helped out and contributed, and to the mods of these boards for letting me set-up this little project here. BFG:XR is one of the first "homebrew" projects I've worked on publicly, and the support I've gotten thus far has been far greater than I would have ever expected. Hopefully one day in the future, I'll be able to come back and give it my full attention once again. Until then, good luck and happy hunting to all you Captains and Admirals out there. May your have smooth sailing through the Warp on all your travels.


Warmaster Revolution / Re: [AL]Wood Elves
« Last post by Aldhick on Yesterday at 06:18:58 PM »
About the waywatchers - if the point cost would be adequate, then it won't be unbalancing. But it doensn't make sense in the first place. The list already suffers from having lot of pricy options and no cheap ones. Every time I was building a list I felt I'm in extreme point shortage to build a list I'd like to. So I really don't understand why make the option even more expensive for almost no real effect  - in our game against Bretonnia a unit of Men - at - arms supported by another one charged WW unit in the wood. The Men-at-arms were harmlessly beaten off while taking one stand of damage.  So why should make WW even thougher?

About the cavalry in the woods - this would be serious messing with some core game principles. 
Warmaster Revolution / Re: [AL]Wood Elves
« Last post by Leonida on Yesterday at 03:32:23 PM »
Ok thanks a lot I will not do this mistake again I did not think to cause so much noise ..

For the rest it does not seem so incredible the change proposed by me, I do not think it is unbalancing. It makes the game of Waywatchers and consequently of the WE more interesting.

Warmaster Revolution / Re: A guide to Artillery
« Last post by Ole on Yesterday at 01:30:09 PM »
Great stuff
Warmaster Revolution / Re: [AL]Wood Elves
« Last post by Ole on Yesterday at 01:29:43 PM »
GEEP, you convinced me sincerely.
We were asking for two things, OR AT LEAST ONE OF THE TWO IF IT IS POSSIBLE. We are continuing to test WE 0.2.3 also tonight played 2000pts against DE. Outcome draw .. We noticed that a small addition to Waywatchers would not hurt and would not be so unbalancing:

WAYWATCHERS, BRING THEIR ARMORING TO +6, since they are elite troops and to add a touch of uncertainty and also how on the forum it was stated that the armor is also a combat capability, and I do not think they are inferior to the infantry of the skeletons? try to think about it and little I know but at least think about it.

Second: As we thought of our club, allowing the WE cavalry to pass through the wood clearly no defend bonus! as the first version of the WE army. It would be their peculiarity to make them more specific.

Meanwhile, thank you very much


Leonidas, thank you for your input, but could you please stop writing some stuff in CAPS? It is not only hard to read but is broadly considered shouting. And nobody wants to get shout at, do they?

Giving Wardancers a 6+ save only costs points. There is, or should be very little benefits from it. Remember they could be placed nearly anywhere on the board. Most probably in a defended position (dense terrain) and stand an shoot. They are hard to shift and pretty annoying!

But if you keep them in the backfield of your enemy troops they are one of the biggest harassments there is in Warmaster.

Giving them a 6+ save will only increase points in a very points expensive list.

If you want them more elite, why not glue only three miniatures per base. And say they are not hundreds os soldiers but anything less.

 You asked me to think about it, and I did. ;)

Keep it coming.

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