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[BFG] Discussion / Zac's Email Address
« Last post by Loyalist on Today at 10:11:12 PM »
Does anyone have Zac Soden's current contact info.? His Resin Addict contact in the memebrship list no longer works. I had it a couple of months ago but must have accidentally deleted it. I received another order of his great ship models last week and need to order more.
[WM] Warmaster Fantasy Discussion / New to Warmaster
« Last post by Grumm on Today at 07:10:51 PM »
Hi all, I am new to Warmaster and was just looking for any tips or advice for beginners. I was able to pick up Orcs (about 3k points) and Empire (about 1.5k points) and will probably pick up 1.5k in High Elves, Dwarves and Undead as well if the game plays well. I was thinking 1.5k might be a good number for smallish games and 3k (probably using combined ally armies for the "good" factions") was good for largish games... does that sound about right? I also plan to use the original game to get to grips with the basics and then look at Revolution when I am familiar with the core game, although I am not really interested in the expanded army list (I play WFB 4e so the whole split between Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings is still kind of heretical to me!).

Also, I picked up a ton of old Citadel trees (the little "epic" scale ones), some lovely Hotz felt roads and I have a few static grass hills, but no 10mm buildings so far... do buildings play an important part in the game? Eventually I'd love to do a siege... are the rules for that any good and can anyone recommend some affordable 10mm castle walls and towers?

A little bit about myself: I started GW wargames in the 90ís and then took a break for college etc., but now I am interested in collecting again and hopefully starting my kids on it when they are old enough (1 and 3 at the moment!). 90ís GW was a real "golden age" for me with all the silly, goofy, chunky models and bright colours. I remember seeing Warmaster in a gaming store and my brother even played a demo game, but it was coming out right when I was moving on from hobby wargames so I never really gave it a serious look. While recently rediscovering my nostalgia for 90ís GW, though, I've decided that Warmaster is "close enough" to that period to deserve a shot (heck, I let in Mordheim and BFG, and those were pushing it for release dates). The fact that it started with an "undivided" Undead list (with the old skull chukka!) certainly helped! I'd love to be able to one day use Warmaster, WFB, Man O' War and Mighty Empires together for one epic campaign.
[Epic] Epic Armageddon & Epic 40K Discussion / Re: 6mm IG Proxies
« Last post by Malika on Today at 03:11:05 PM »
More detailed and a lot sturdier. :)
Modeling & painting / Re: [WM][FW] Orc Village
« Last post by marell le fou on Today at 06:06:23 AM »
I violence myself to use lighter tones than i did, those last years.

I have found that i appreciated more light tones than dark ones. Especially on small figs. Better reading of the figs...
Modeling & painting / Re: [WM][FW] Orc Village
« Last post by Geep on Today at 06:00:01 AM »
I'm looking forward to these.
I think most of the images are from Warhammer Online- I brought the art book, great for inspiration, a shame the game itself was kind of dull and fizzled.

I really like the over-filled boar pen. You can see why they'd be grumpy pigs...

My own painting tends to be a lot darker- probably too dark. Your colours are much better at providing contrast.
Modeling & painting / Re: [WM][FW] Orc Village
« Last post by marell le fou on Today at 04:53:07 AM »
Here is what it looks like now. Hamp is still missing (glueing).

I have glued the second part of the roof. Just have to re sculpt the straw aspect here and there at connections.

Cut a new 28mm, from a skaven thing. It will be my central stone on the stone circle.

I have painted it greyish and white on the edges. And then to a patafix pice, before a bath in my green wash.

Shaman hutt is nearly finished.

And then... A small revolution.

I have been lurking on the net to see what orcish hutts i could find, to collect new ideas. And i fall on this very nice piece of art, representing Kark Eight Peaks.

And then, look forward for more :

And i imediatly fell in love with the vertical orcish hutt habitation idea.

Now, I MUST find some great pilars to do the same... And i will be able to have an orcish table inside or an old dwarf fortress. My actual buildings will be perfect for the ground habitations, while the ones on pillars will make perfect new standard orc homes.

So far, i have found the Dwarven pilars sold by hystericalwargame.

But they are expensive...

So maybe i will just print those 3D Moria pillars found on thingiverse.

And of course, i have strated adding new buildings to my collection, with the vertical idea in mind.

And i have cut down the center of the big roof to cover some. I found it suitable. With a more flat aspect.

it's not perfect yet, but i think it will fitt with some more details...

Ad here are the printed pillars with standard size. I plan to have one testes with 300% size.

Er... Did i say "i will not build more houses buildings" ?

Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] My BFG wip
« Last post by marell le fou on Yesterday at 11:02:01 PM »
yeah, clearly. It could be human but not imperium. Or maybe something like a guild ?

The size is excellent and it's clearly suitable.
Modeling & painting / Re: [BFG] My BFG wip
« Last post by Jehan-Reznor on Yesterday at 10:34:21 PM »
Or other aliens or a lost human colony
Modeling & painting / Re: [WM][FW] Orc Village
« Last post by Stormwind on Yesterday at 03:54:43 PM »
Nice use of bits!
Modeling & painting / Re: [WM][FW] Orc Village
« Last post by marell le fou on Yesterday at 03:40:03 AM »
This is all looking excellent. I really like the colours you've gone with- they're not what would come to my mind, but I think they probably work better.

Hey Geep :) Tell me what you where thinking about. It could give me new ideas. How would you have painted them ?

The next step was to finish the half cut boars. And it ended well.

It seem nothing, but frankly, details make all the difference between a nice scenery and a realy nice scenery :)

I also have molded and cut the death divers i had. They will be perfect as breakfast for a wyvern, tied-up at branches, or goblin used as target for a catapult training field.

Someone on the french forum told me i should add a troll's cave, and it ring me a bell. It's an other must-have for any orc village. And i had the idea to use a rock and cave scenery i have already done last year.

Here it is during construction.

And painted.

As trees as magnetised, i should be able to prepare magnetised trolls, placard saying "beware, trolls", gobelin offered as breakfast, pile of bones... Well, you see what i mean.

Now, here are the new advances from last saturday. Some boars painting.

And glueing here we are with an enclosure full of wild boars.

It's really full, but orcs are not knon for taking care of such things (are they, mister Gun Wun ?).

I have painted onf Mononoke style, and i liked it. I think i will repaint this way my savage orc boar boys, to really well identify them amongst my army.

As for the shaman hutt, addition of the handrail on top.

It's gobelin made, so full of weird planks.

And i really had to be back to the gob workshop i had left behind last day. So i worked on the windmill.

I have trashed the idea of using 28mm gyrocopter bits. And i finaly used one of the Warmaster Gyro bits that Lex sold me few months ago.

I like the idea of a gob ingeneer, finding a crashed dwarf gyrocopter after the battle, and telling himself "hey, this is supposed to rotate ! Let's use it !".

Of course, he did not understood the whole complexity of the dwarven stuf. Finding the small propeller, he wonder where it could go at first... And then decided that it could only work better added to the first like this !


Anyway, you know goblins. They don't just loot things. The enhance. The add stuff to make the new version... Well... Different ! An old cow skin ? An imperial flag found on the battlefield ? Oh, yeah, let's add it for more surface ! It will surely rotate even better like this.

The rest of the day was not very very much producive. It's was a shity day, and i was sometime painting under a slow and thin rain... Was not very motivating.

So just went-on with white prime on the more or less ended shaman hutt.

And few washes.

And i finaly cut the bottom of the Windmill. I wanted it to be on stilts at first, not to charge the workshop base too much, and i still think it's a good idea.

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