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Laran miniatures have a witch hunter character pack.
Trolls under the bridge .
Have an incredibly detailed , small but growing range . Looking forward to seeing this range develope .
With minis from the box which I assume must be 10mm.
Very interesting
Another update:

Resin Dome test cast & Brandon the Architect!
Hi Backers!

First off: We now have about a third of the plastics sprues delivered to us, and are expecting the remainder within the week, at which point the Crowdfunder will be closed to new bids, ye have been advised, last orders gentlepeople!

We've also had a test cast of the resin dome delivered to us:

It is dome shaped!

It fits nicely onto the plastic wall pieces as expected, and looks vaguely dome shaped, so we've thus ordered the full production run; we've been advised we'll have those in during December.

Ben has also finalized the design of Brandon the Architect, the free 6mm scale Cybershadows Supreme Commander figure for every Backer that was the final Stretch Goal target. He'll be rushed into production ASAP, and should also be ready for December.

Despite being humanoid in shape, Brandon the Architect stands a full 9mm tall - just as he constructs many buildings for his clients, so too has he apparently constructed a new hulking body for himself. Whether anything biological at all remains under his robes, none can say.

Thanks for your patience everyone, we're getting closer and closer to delivery every time the planet spins about a bit.


- The Team @ Troublemaker Games
[WM] Alternate settings and proxy armies / Re: proxy ideas: Chaos
« Last post by andys on November 22, 2017, 09:21:31 PM »
Update time! You can do order multi packs:

New multi pack deals added
Hi backers many thanks for your fantastic show of support so far, this first update is to direct your attention to the new multi pack deals added to the campaign this evening. These have been added due to requests from various sources and we hope to add more such deals as the campaign progresses. Please let us know if there is any particular combinations you'd like to see and we will consider adding them to the campaign. Once again thanks for the support everyone really appreciated.

Regards John

[BFG] Discussion / Re: I've created a BFG:XR facebook group
« Last post by Xca|iber on November 22, 2017, 01:02:28 AM »
This is super cool! Thanks for putting this together.
General Discussion / Probable Recaster alert - ASTER_WARGAME
« Last post by marell le fou on November 21, 2017, 09:59:55 PM »
Hello guys,

After months of studies of what this guy sell, i think it's worth it to warn you against him.

He sells to types of stuff.

Common stuff, mainly painted and probably from armies he bought here or there.

But the guy also sell the same rare unit again and again, and those are very different. Always with this strange greyish aspect. Like it was a grey primer.

As putting a primer is the best way to mask double casting lines, and as the guy sells those grey figs for years now, they just can't come from various sources.

So i guess they are recasts.

I have asked him if they where, because of those grey colour, and he answered me with an elusive and unclear answer, saying he could not guarantee they are originals and that if i don't want to be disapointed, better not to buy them.

So, this is clear for me, finaly.
Warmonger Miniatures / Re: all the silly ka-nig-its
« Last post by Stormwind on November 21, 2017, 07:38:18 PM »
These are looking fab!
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