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Warmaster Revolution / Valkyries
« Last post by dry_erase on Today at 07:55:20 PM »
I'm just looking over the Norse army list and trying to decide what to model next...

I'm probably missing something, but I can't see why anyone would take valkyries. They're a unit of 3 'monsters' with completely average statistics that can be summoned to a table edge on a successful shaman command role. Yet they're double the points cost of bondsmen with the same stats.

What have I missed? The special rules mention 'home back' which implies they can fly, but there's nothing in the description to suggest that.  If that's the case, they're only slightly better than the 80 point Pegasus Knights.
[BFG] Rules Questions / Re: Dark Eldar points values.
« Last post by Lotus on Today at 08:43:37 AM »
If you are building a dark eldar fleet, take a look into the bfg:fr dark eldar pdf.
Modeling & painting / Re: [WM] Temples of the Empire
« Last post by marell le fou on Yesterday at 08:51:41 PM »
Tame is better than nothing ;)

I LOVE your dolphins on the Manann temple. Excelent idea ! And the tiles looking like fish scales are just a perfect choice.
Modeling & painting / Re: [WM] Temples of the Empire
« Last post by dry_erase on September 19, 2018, 10:43:03 PM »
Thanks. I did a little more work on the tower for the Temple of Manann - finished tiling the roof, added brass wave ridges and dolphin gargoyles.

As for the Temple of Taal - when I've used it as terrain I surrounded it with dense woods to try to create the effect you mention.  I could add some more thick vegetation to the base.. there's a bush and a tree growing up one wall, but it's all relatively tame for a god of the Wild!
Events / Re: Warmaster Tournament at Fall In! - Nov. 9
« Last post by Dave on September 19, 2018, 01:58:24 PM »
Fall In! registration is open.

Apparently tournaments aren't selectable though, so anyone looking to play Warmaster let me know. Also, Epic too I guess. I'll pass your info along to Kal the TO.
Modeling & painting / Re: [WM] Temples of the Empire
« Last post by Chios on September 19, 2018, 11:25:26 AM »
I really like the temple of Manann, it is a little explored concept in all WH games but definately blends in well with what GW did with Empire architecture. For the Taal temple, I would really like it to be surrounded by the wild... Thickets, giant trees overshadowing the place, the temple being the heart of the forest instead of on a clearing. I do understand that it would make it hard to see your lovely building, though.
Trades & Services / Re: [SOLD] Epic Armageddon : Eldar Knights army
« Last post by ZeCid on September 18, 2018, 08:04:03 AM »
Can close, it has been sold.
Modeling & painting / Re: [WM] Temples of the Empire
« Last post by marell le fou on September 17, 2018, 09:12:45 PM »
Very happy to know i could help your inspiration !

I like the Taal structure too. I had passed too quickly on it. It looks sobre, but not orcish made or what. De finitively a human structure, and that was not as easy as that to do.
Events / Re: UK Warmaster Tournies 2019
« Last post by Paul Winter on September 17, 2018, 11:04:04 AM »
BonesCon in February is confirmed.
Events / Warmaster Tournament at BonesCon February 9th and 10th 2019
« Last post by Paul Winter on September 17, 2018, 11:03:23 AM »
Hello all,

I am running a Warmaster 16 player 2 day tournament at BonesCon 19 Venue Hotel Mandolay in Guildford UK

When you get your ticket click that its Warmaster you are playing.

Will be lost of Prize Support.
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